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Of all the dirty tricks..

Saturday, August 30th, 2003

I’ve been noticing that in’s statistics page, there’s rather a unusually large number of unlikely referrers.. things like

3 148 2.12%
4 142 2.04%
5 142 2.04%
6 139 1.99%
7 139 1.99%
8 138 1.98%
9 138 1.98%
10 138 1.98%
11 137 1.97%
12 137 1.97%
13 137 1.97%
14 136 1.95%
15 136 1.95%
16 136 1.95%
17 136 1.95%
18 136 1.95%
19 136 1.95%

Finally it occured to me what is going on here – people have figured out that web pages with links to their webalyzer stats are being search-engine crawled, and so they are adding these entries in order to increase their search engine footprint.

Well, screw that. 😉

I can see a well-placed robots.txt file is in order here – I don’t particularly want to help porn sites increase their web footprint.


midnight ravings..

Thursday, August 28th, 2003

So what if that’s the big joke? What if every one of us is stark, raving mad. Every last one of us.

Does it matter?

Well, not if our raving madness is agreed upon.

I feel like I’m destined to learn almost everything from either songs, books, or a very few people.


Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

So I’m trying to figure out how to call a function that’s part of a class inside a library – why does this feel like something out of Dr. Suess? Maybe I should ask some of the people who have sent me resumes in the hopes that I will hire them how to do it.

Of course, I think you’re only supposed to ask employees questions you already know the answer to. Otherwise, I could have employees doing research for me for just about everything, and never actually have to google for anything myself.

I recorded five new tracks – all jam tracks, one take to tape. They’re on my website at the bottom of the new music page. Soon I will have to make a ‘newer music’ page – and thusly does my web site get ever bigger and more convoluted.

Still, the DLL writing goes okay. I don’t know why I’m trying to make a object oriented version of the DLL – just masochistic I guess. Once that’s done, it’s all cut & paste & email the shiznit to how. Then I have to finish the gack php scripts, install another network card in qm so it can act like a firewall [because we know you can’t leave m$ boxes out on the public internet without anything between them and the evil hax0rs, or they get owned. Hell, linux boxes get owned. Actually, maybe you should just stay away from the public internet. It’s a scary place..

One of my boxes got hacked last week through a hole in OpenSSL that’s been there for just about forever. I got a good rootkit, with lots of toys and exploits. The hacker got the privelege of using 50 megabits of outbound bandwidth for about 2 hours before Iso twigged that there was something funny going on.

[I suppose I could have just gotten slashdotted or something – except that I never do anything that cool..]

Nicka got me into this Aesop Rock song that I’m totally digging.. ‘Daylight’. Download it. You’ll hate it the first time. The second time it’ll start to grow on you though.. best line is ‘Life’s not a bitch, she’s a beautiful woman. You only call her a bitch because she wouldn’t let you get that pussy’.


R., the guy that I met at DefCon, is supposed to be swinging by on Thursday.. and everything is even more or less working. I no longer have to use DP for MIDI routing, the MOTU units handle that nicely. [Although, despite the documentation’s claims, you can’t chose to only route certain channels on certain cables. Maybe this is a limitation of the OSX version of ClockWorks? I get the feeling it might have been written in a hurry – it certainly doesn’t have any of the nicities of the FreeMIDI system, like telling you what device is connected to what port – and with 16 ports, that actually is a bit of a problem..]

This whole distributed MIDI clock thing is tripping me out to the max. Having all my arps stay in sync, all the flickering lights flash at the same time, and never having to frantically hunt through the proteus menus for the ‘clock’ setting – what will I do with my time now? Can we automate this further and get me out of the circuit altogeather? How about realtime quantize? Well, yes, we probably can do that, but wait a second, at some point the computer is doing all the music playing and I’m left up there waving my hands in front of the D-beam and trying to pretend like I’m a musician – I don’t think this is exactly where we want to go. It’s only through a lack of hands that I’ve succombed to the arps..

I need to start keeping a notebook with a list of the sounds I like and why I like them, because I can never remember what they are later. Tonight I found this kickass flute-morphing-to-organ thing on the Nord Lead 3..

[Somehow it amuses me to no end that I’ve come full circle – after leaving synthesis for sample-playback systems like the P2K, I end up back at synthesis for the ability to twiddle lots of pretty knobs and listen to the sound change..]

And I got these two nifty neon lights from a computer store to light up the two keyboards – and man, they loook sweet. If I ever do a stage show…

Yah, right.

Well, anyway, it’s late, and I still haven’t figured out how to call a function that’s part of a class inside a DLL.

Perhaps I should try the obvious Foo::Bar format..

No, that definately didn’t work.

Hm, maybe the function needs to be listed in some special way in the .def file?

Hrm. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.


Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

I’m proud of the strangest things. I’m proud of the fact that is on the first page of Google for the keywords ‘america the broken’

And none of them are even mispelled.

But I still can’t go out to a bar to have fun without behaving very strangely, not knowing how to say hi to anyone, being freaked out by being myself, screwing up culturally in some major sense, and..

I did have fun at times. Half of me had fun. Half of me didn’t.

I feel so strange in this world.


Fixing the weed laws

Monday, August 18th, 2003

It occurs to me that perhapos the most effective way to get marajuana decriminalized would be to convince every single smoker to turn themselves in.

I know, all y’all out there in Sheer’s-journal land are saying ‘what, are you nuts’? But consider the statistics – 83 million americans admit to having smoked weed – one in twenty smokes it on a regular basis.

Is there jail capacity for one out of every twenty americans? It seems pretty tanj unlikely. Is there booking capacity to cope with the inrush if every weed smoker in the U.S. went to their local police station at the same time? Seems pretty unlikely. Could the court system cope with such a inrush? Seems very unlikely bordering on impossible.

So, basically what one does is to take advantage of the fact that our legal system doesn’t scale very well.

I don’t know wheter it would work or not – and I’d be interested to see comments on the matte r- but it does eem like it would cerrtainly make _something_ interesting happen. I mean, picture the lines at the police station..


Friday, August 15th, 2003

Remember how you felt on Sept. 11th? Remember how it felt to be in New York, to be looking at New York and knowing you have friends there.

A attack. No Reason given. Why?

Now think about being in Iraq. Belonging there. Living there. A person, just like you, doing your job over there.

The government announces a fictional [at least, it certainly looks that way] reason for attacking you. Then they blow up half your city block, and knock out your power and water.

A attack. No True Reasons. Why?

It’s not any different. Now think about you feel about being complicit in another country’s 9/11 experience.

We liberated them iraqis. Sure ’nuff.

And the Saudis liberated us.

Yep, they did. Liberated 3,500 of us right into the next universe.

Are you getting even the faintest _twinge_ that maybe this was a bad idea?

On the other hand..

Thursday, August 14th, 2003

My life is exciting enough to me – it just wouldn’t make interesting reading for others. Programming microcontrollers, writing music, programming windows CE devices, going to raves (well, if they ever HAVE any.. whatever happened to the good ol’ fashoned underground party anyway? I suggested to Ron, the guy I’ve been jamming with, that we could ‘always just go somewhere with the PA and the generator and, you know, do something’ and he seemed scandalized by the idea – like, you know, who would come to a unofficial, no-cover kind of event. We’re not in southern california any more, toto.. but I digress)

Anyway, as I was saying. The problem may not be as much that my life is duller than the lives of my friends – as that I can’t plump it up with tasty prose to make it more interesting. Whereas at least two of my friends (you can guess who you are) are such good writers that they shoudl give up blogging in favor of something that actually pays.

Well, I guess we can’t all be good at everything.

And I guess I don’t want a life that would be interesting to read about that badly. It’s better to have one that’s interesting to live.


I’m jealous

Thursday, August 14th, 2003

All of my friends write better journal entries than me. Oh, the horror of it, not only can I no longer write reasonably, but my life is.. gasp.. dare we say it.. dull.

Must do something about this. Just not exactly sure what.



Thursday, August 14th, 2003

Dawning realization.. person who is getting married is the first of my lovers to do so. My other one just changed gender.

Which also made me feel old.


Oddly enough, not everything that’s happened recently has made me feel old.

That train has sailed..

Thursday, August 14th, 2003

Gah. Another one of my ex-lovers is getting married. Somehow this always makes me feel really, really old. I wish her the best – and hope that her boyfriend isn’t hopeless just because he’s republican. [Not that I suspect those who think war is generally the answer are hopeless, just that, well…]

But I’m trying to be respectful and accepting and all that. Anyway, I really do hope it works out well for them. There’s enough divorce and unhappiness in the world already. More than enough. Several times more than enough.

And I can safely write here again, secure in the knowlege that everyone thinks I’ve stopped posting.

Oh, wait, I have stopped posting. 😉

But I’ll make a exception for tonight, because I’m waiting on a linux install (spiffy new version of Gateway – with lots, and lots, and lots of disk to keep all my sick porno, leeched music, video, warez, hacking tools, software I’ve written, corrispondence I’ve written, back up P.’s new laptops (both of them.. heh heh heh..) and enough left over to make samples of every good clip of audio in every movie I own and a few I don’t.

I need more time. I need life to slow down. I have this bad feeling I missed something, I need to rewind and see what it was. Make.. the.. bad.. man.. stop.

On the radio today I actually heard some new music that I dug.. Jazon Mraz, The Remedy.

Been jamming with another live trance musician in Seattle – I’m seriously hoping he’s coming back, because we were sounding rather seriously good. Or at least, I thought so. (P. even said we sounded ‘not half bad’ in her journal)

MP3s as they become available.

Spent about 2 hours at Isomedia because some people who will remain nameless tried to give me a IP range that was already allocated to a DSL customer. Um, no, that doesn’t work. Sorry.

Still haven’t heard from the friend I bailed out of gaol the other day – you’d think he’d at least call and explain how he got there in the beginning.

Way too much work to do and not enough time to do it in..

Signing off,