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New clips, and a oldie that I’ve decided I rather like

Friday, October 31st, 2003

New clips from me + ron’s jam session last night, cut up and sans all the talking and whatnot:>

And, from a recent jam session with Mike:

And, from a long ago meeting of Howling Moon (the band I was in with MIke for a while):

You know, it’s amazing how many of my audio clips I originally hated that six months or a year later I decide I really like.. I wonder if it’s just repetition, or if something else is going on there.

By the way, if anyone likes the clips of me + ron, tell your friends! We need fans. 😉 [Maybe we should start a mailing list or something..]

National Protection From President Bush week, 2003

Friday, October 31st, 2003

By a regular plain old citizen of the United States Of America
A Proclamation

Bush can have debilitating effects on communities (especially those who happen to be standing in the way of him getting more oil), marriages (especially between gay people), families (I may never forgive my mother for voting for him) and children. (Like my friend Jen, who recently found her child approaching a police officer and asking him to do something about “the bad man in the white house”). During Protection From President Bush Week, we commit to take steps to confront the dangers of Bush.

The effects of President Bush are perticularly pernicious with respect to children. There are very few things more scary than growing up in a world where wars are started based on things that are broadly known to be lies – especially to children who may not understand that these things *are* lies, and may honestly believe that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and is planning on using them at home – or, once discovering that they are lies, may be very disillusioned to discover that the President of the United States is a man who will lie and have innocent people killed for personal profit or revenge.

We have commited significant resources to making sure that Bush will not be elected for the first time in November. We are vigorously prosletyzing and severely critizing the actions of those who would harm our children. Last year, MoveOn.Org launched a series of initiatives intended to help educate the populance as to the frauds perpitrated by Bush.

Last year, I wrote messages on my web site apologizing to Iraq and other countries. I encourage all Americans to author web content that is in the interest of promoting peace, love, and respect, and to start dialogues which may lead us to a greater understanding of each other. Working togeather with our fellow Americans, we are making progress in protecting our children from war, hate, and disrespect.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JONATHAN W (“Sheer”) PULLEN, Ordinary citizen of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the First Ammendment Of The Constitution and laws of the United States which permit me to say any darn thing I please, do hereby proclaim October 31 through November 6, 2003, as Protection From President Bush Week. I call upon public officials, law enforcement officers, parents, and all the people of the United States to observe this week with appropriate programs and activities.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of October, in the year of somebody’s Lord two thousand three, and of the Independence of the United States the two hundred and twenty-eight.

Jonathan W. “Sheer” Pullen

[See this for what this article is parodying.. although I am being somewhat serious. We *need* protected from this guy.]

Memesheep, memesheep, bah, bah, bah

Friday, October 31st, 2003 – how well do you really know me? It’ll be interesting to see if anyone manages to get 100%.. I’m betting either or could.. 😉


Friday, October 31st, 2003

Well.. It’s been brought to my attention that the web site mentioned two posts back is actually run by some very left-wing people. So I amend my statement: There are some right AND left wing whack jobs.. 😉

Of course, given that I would like to stop corperations from poisening groundwater and enslaving people in third world nations and whatnot, am I guilty of attempting to apply my morals to other people? It is a bit of a problem.. it turns into one of those ‘it’s okay when I do it, but not when you do it’ sort of things. I haven’t really come up wityh a good solution for this, although I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to live in a world where people aren’t starting wars for ficticious reasons and/or to make large profits.

Anyway, I don’t care whether you vote democrat or republican, porn is not the biggest problem facing us. Gay marriage isn’t a problem at all – except that gays can’t get married yet. I hope that one day soon humanity will be able to come to terms with the fact that some people are gay and some are straight, and that’s just kind of the way the world works.

But until that happy day.. sorry that I just assumed by the content found within a article that it was coming from the religious right..

My opinions still stand – left or right. [Just like if I had had to choose between McCain and Gore, I would have voted for McCain.. McCain and Kucinich, though, I’d have to go with Dennis. McCain and Dean – well, I’m really not sure. I’d have to hear them debate. But it’s a non-issue, since McCain will never be on the presidential ticket.. he’s simply too decent and honest to be a president of the U.S. – of course, you could also say the same thing about Kucinich.

Bleh. Enough politics. Back to parking meters.

[I’m listening to one of the new Ron jam things right now.. and really digging it.. ]

Interesting web site

Friday, October 31st, 2003

Use babelfish. 😉


Freedom Of Speech & Mysogany

Friday, October 31st, 2003

A anonymous comment in my journal, which I suspect probably comes from Qaz:

A real bunch of right-wing wack jobs for ya, Sheer:

And by response to it below:

Actually, yes, exactly.

While the tone of the article is entirely reasonable, there are several things taht they assert that I think are somewhat false-to-fact:

We feel that pornography is harmful to women and that as women we have the right to live in a society free of this harm.

This is the first one I want to attack – because I have a long list of beefs with it. The first one is that I feel that football inherently devalues human life by showing that violence – real, bloody violence – as a part of a game is acceptable. Can I demand that my views be used to censor this game that 90 million americans enjoy?

There’s this little thing called the first amendment. WHich is just as well, because if we removed every piece of content that anyone found objectionable, shortly we’d have no content left. I happen to think the bible does a rather good job of demeaning women, can we have it censored?

We dare not grow old or become overweight

Depends on what kind of porn you’re watching, now doesn’t it? I know of fetish porn where the whole *point* is being overweight. Different people are turned on by different things – and one of the beauties of the internet is that everyone can get exactly what they want. I don’t go for porn with perfect body types – perhaps the author of this article does.. 😉

More importantly, pornography frequently eroticizes violence.

Not any that *I* enjoy watching, but yes, you’re correct, it does. However, the people who enjoy this sort of play undoubtedly understand that it is just play. And if we’re going to complain about what people enjoy looking at, isn’t porn sort of a silly place to start? How about the television commercials that show that lying in the name of profit is okay? (Or the political canidates that show the same thing?). Or, how about the commercials that imply that you will only be popular if you are young and beautiful and buy product X? How about football, aforementioned, which shows that violence can be fun? Or children’s cartoons which show that violence is funny? Or COPS, which implies that violence performed against citizens is something to be proud of – we should definately beat up people caught selling plants!

However, we do feel that misogynistic sexual entertainment for men portrays the humiliation of women as “sexy” and presents women as two-dimensional beings.

Well, except that it’s just entertainment, just fiction, and almost everyone over the age of 12 understands this. Why not complain about mysoginistic TV shows like Married With Children? In porn there’s usually very little actual social interaction, so it’s blatently clear that it’s a fantasy world. (Actually, some porn has taken to having disclaimers at the front of the tape, something I ran into lately that amused me so much that I cut just the disclaimer with a video editor and threw the rest of the video clip away (it wasn’t very good, but the disclaimer was hilarious). But anyway, back to my original point – in television shows, there’s not nearly as much framing to indicate that the work is truly fictional.. why aren’t the authors complaining about this instead?

I never said that porn was fundamentally good – I said that it’s a very, very small evil compared with a whole lot of very large ones. And it does have it’s place and purpose.. to help single men deal with their sexual frustrations in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone.

It’s just a visual representation of what they would be imagining anyway. Or would the authors also outlaw imagination?

Eventually, viewing enough pornography can desensitize all of us so that we do not even question the devaluation of women in our society.

I don’t agree with this at all either. I don’t think that porn has in any way desensitized me to the putting down of women, or any other group for that matter.

We believe that the number of rapes and assaults on women would be drastically reduced — but not entirely eliminated — if pornography were to disappear

And on what data do you base that assumption? I think that it would probably remain approximately the same, or more likely increase slightly.

Have you done a study to see if rapists consume more porn per capita than the average male? Perhaps you’d like to tell me about how all those catholic preists have been buying ‘PlayPrePubecentBoy’ all these years? Can we please try and apply a little bit of reality to our assertions?

Many young males state that their first sexual experience was masturbating to pornography. Think of what this pornography then says to these men — that women like to be treated like objects, treated with contempt, and enjoy eroticized violence.

You have got to be kidding me. I didn’t get any such sense at all. You are in the twilight zone, my friend, and reality has apparently passed you by. Why don’t you go ask a few 14 year olds if they feel like women should be treated with contempt? And then ask them where they got that idea, if so? I bet you the answer is far more likely to be Eminem than Playboy.

Who benefits from pornography? Who finances pornography? Who is behind the camera? Who buys it?

Normal, healthy single men buy it, because they enjoy it and it helps them to avoid sexual frustration. They don’t, however, entertain any thoughts that it is in any way real. All one needs to do is try to approach a pretty girl in a bar to learn how fundamentally unreal it is. 😉

Or is it the majority of us who want to live in a society which does not allow the subordination, degradation or violation of women?

What you forget is that your entire article is devoted to the degredation of men – stating that we’re such simple and mentally incapable beings that we can’t enjoy a work of fiction without thinking that it’s a basic reality and that we can now go out and perform the acts we see depicted in the real world on anyone we want – or that we would think that there was anything real at all about the work of fiction portrayed – or that it was okay to think of real – i.e. not fictional – people in that way.

Personally, I think porn is *better* than the alternative.. which is to imagine the same sorts of things, only with people that you know because it’s far easier for our imaginations to handle the rendering of people we’re familiar with.

In short, and to sum up:

The first amendment protects speech for a good reason – because otherwise, there will always be some nut job wanting to impress their morals on you for what might sound like perfectly sane and reasonable reasons.



“Freedom of Speech”


A-yo Ice, man. I’m working on this term paper for college. What’s the
First Amendment?

[Verse 1]

Freedom of Speech, that’s some motherfuckin’ bullshit
You say the wrong thing, they’ll lock your ass up quick
The FCC says “Profanity – No Airplay”?
They can suck my dick while I take a shit all day
Think I give a fuck about some silly bitch named Gore?
Yo PMRC, here we go, raw
Yo Tip, what’s the matter? You ain’t gettin’ no dick?
You’re bitchin’ about rock’n’roll, that’s censorship, dumb bitch
The Constitution says we all got a right to speak
Say what we want Tip, your argument is weak
Censor records, TV, school books too
And who decides what’s right to hear? You?
Hey PMRC, you stupid fuckin’ assholes
The sticker on the record is what makes ’em sell gold
Can’t you see, you alcoholic idiots
The more you try to suppress us, the larger we get

[Verse 2]

[You have the right to remain silent]
Fuck that right! I want the right to talk
I want the right to speak, I want the right to walk
Where I wanna, yell and I’m gonna
Tell and rebel every time I’m on a
Microphone on the stage cold illin’
The knowledge I drop will be heard by millions
We ain’t the problems, we ain’t the villains
It’s the suckers deprivin’ the truth from our children
You can’t hide the fact, Jack
There’s violence in the streets every day, any fool can recognise that
But you try to lie and lie
And say America’s some motherfuckin’ apple pie
Yo, you gotta be high to believe that
You’re gonna change the world by a sticker on a record sleeve
Cos once you take away my right to speak
Everybody in the world’s up shit creek

[Verse 3]

Let me tell you about down south
Where a motherfucker might as well not even have a mouth
Columbus, Georgia, said they’d lock me up
If I got on the stage in my show and said “Fuck”
So I thought for a minute and said “No,
I wasn’t even gonna do a damned show”
Cos for me to change my words from my rhymes
Is never gonna happen cos there’s no sell outs on mine
But I vowed to get those motherfuckers one day
They even arrested Bobby Brown and Cool J
Yo, they got their’s comin’, cos I’m mad and I’m gunnin’
Homeboys, and there’s no runnin’
I’m gonna tell you how I feel about you
No bull, no lies, no slack, just straight fact
Columbus, Georgia, you can suck my dick
You ain’t nothin’ but a piece of fuckin’ shit on the damned map

[Verse 4]

Freedom of Speech, let ’em take it from me
Next they’ll take it from you, then what you gonna do?
Let ’em censor books, let ’em censor art
PMRC, this is where the witch hunt starts
You’ll censor what we see, we read, we hear, we learn
The books will burn
You better think it out
We should be able to say anything, our lungs were meant to shout
Say what we feel, yell out what’s real
Even though it may not bring mass appeal
Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine
If you don’t like what I’m sayin’? Fine
But don’t close it, always keep an open mind
A man who fails to listen is blind
We only got one right left in the world today
Let me have it or throw The Constitution away

[Outro (Jello Biafra)]

What they’re trying to do with radio, with this, uh, McCarron-Walter
Act and a lot of other ways, is start by saying that they’re
protecting the public from wicked rock bands, or girlie magazines, or
whatever. But, if you follow the chain of dominoes that falls down,
what they’re really trying to do is shut off our access to information

If they can’t do it by law they know there’s other ways to do it.


Thursday, October 30th, 2003

It’s national protection from porn week.

I think I’m going to be sick.

I have BAD news for you, Dubya. This time, you’re pretty much on your own.

Hear that empty sound? That’s the sound of all the voters who’ve never looked at porn..

Really, this is pathetic. My first experience with porn was at age 14 – Dan, bless his generous soul, replied to my curiosity about the female form with a playboy. Shortly thereafter I discovered newsgroups, and found not just porn, but porn in my own personal flavor.

I really don’t think it warped me for life.

Of all the things our children need protection from, pornography is about #9999661863.

I mean, really. Sex happens, FUCKING GET OVER IT ALREADY! That goes for the rest of you right-wing whack jobs, too. Look, if God really does exist, then S/HE INVENTED SEX! Okay? So can you stop whimpering about how some human somewhere might be enjoying a bunch of ones and zeros that happen to render into a naked female body, and find something _meaningful_ to worry about? Like the wars on false pretenses? I think those are a lot worse than a few naked girls.. or guys..

[actually, that’s what Bush is really upset about. Gay porn. because he’s secretly attracted, and doesn’t want to admit it. Or perhaps because he’s seen some photoshopped picture which put his head on the body of someone with equipment that matches the size of his brain..]

Hm. I guess that was moving over into slanderous territory. This LiveJournal post is intended as humor only. I know nothing about the size of bush’s reproductive equipment. Standard disclaimer here.

No, really, this is SICK. After starting a war and spending (read: moving into Halliburtan’s pockets and hence Cheney’s) billions of dollars to repair the damages done with that war.. (not to mention the billions that war cost), Bush thinks we need protected from a few naked women?

No, my friends, we need protected from Bush.

You better all be registered to vote. You all don’t vote again and I’m going to kick your collective asses.

I’d like to think that between alienating gays and their friends with Marriage Protection Week and alienating everyone who can remember being 14 with Porn Protection Week, Bush is going to have a very, very shallow turnout at the polls..

.. but on the other hand, I’m sure he’s doing wonderfully with the religious right. In between this and the whole partial birth abortion thing..

Why am I still awake at 8 am? Well, I got wrapped up in some parking meters..

I had another good studio session with Ron, for which mp3s will be shortly forthcoming. We did a couple of multitrack recordings of much shorter duration.. and a couple of live improv bits which did not make it into multitrack format [hence there will be no edits, sorry folks, what you hear is what you get, distorted moments and all]

All in all, a good time was had by all and good sounds were again produced. (Well, *I* think good sounds were produced. And I’m sure Scott will like it – 😉

mp3s at

I’m going to go sleep now. I’ll wake up somewhere around 6 pm. 😉

I miss P.


Wednesday, October 29th, 2003

A good letter to SCO.

By the way, I think that truly SCO has passed Microsloth, and now holds the new world title for ‘bastion of evil’.

Personally, I hope they get sued into bankruptcy. The sooner the better.


Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Can’t sleep. P. stayed here last night [after my pathetic spineless begging, but we’ll not talk about that eh? ;-)] and then missed alarm, so drove her to work. Still bothered by this whole Ghent-dying thing. Sent the virtual equivilant of flowers to M. God, I’d hate to be her right now. Took a bunch of quizzes – memesheep that I am. Baahh. Baahhh.

lip kiss
kiss on the lips – you’re sweet and simple but
quite daring. you move for the kill confidently
knowing the other person wants the same thing.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
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img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”When Doves Cry”>
“When Doves Cry” (by Prince)
How could you just leave me standing,
Alone in a world so cold?
Maybe you’re just too demanding.
Maybe I’m just like my father–too bold.
Maybe you’re just like my mother.
She’s never satisfied.
Why do we scream at each other?
This is what it sounds like,
When doves cry.

Which 80’s Song Fits You?
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SLUTTY. You know what you’ve got and how to use it
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What is your lingerie style?
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Will my friends and their friends PLEASE STOP DYING!

Tuesday, October 28th, 2003

Paging universe: Death is getting old.

So tonight we lost two more – one who I knew only periphially, but who was a good friend to many of mine, in Socal. One I thought I knew better than I did. Another suicide.

This is really starting to upset me. (And my grandfather on my dad’s side, who I can’t say i’ve known very well, or liked, had a near brush with the reaper, but it looks like he’s going to pull through okay). Of course, I can’t imagine I’m the most upset, by a long shot.

There’s something very upsetting about watching your friends deal with the loss of their friends, and being able to say nothing, do nothing. I can very much understand how a afterlife would get invented, just because there’s something so upsetting about the terminal NO CARRIER – the link light, once gone, does not return.

I fear very much that the person that is me lives only in the sack of protoplasmic hardware that I haul around in my head. While, as someone once said to me, ‘I would prefer to live in a world with a afterlife’, I can’t fool myself. I’ve worked with computers and analog circuits and so many machine things enough that it’s not difficult at all for me to understand how humans can be just another machine. And, in fact, it’s very difficult for me to understand – especially given the data, including what people are like after car accidents and cancer – how we could be anything but.

I’d so like this world to be different than it is. In many, many regards, but this one most of all. I wonder if it is because I believe the things I do that I consdider war, violence, death to be so horrid. My mom can feel okay about voting for Bush even though he resulted in the death of thousands of innocents based on a lie – because she thinks surely they were all sent to heaven. In my world, there is no heaven, no hell.. while there might be a god – almost certainly is, in the sense that there’s something bigger than humanity formed by humanity, something bigger that all life formed by that life – I can’t believe that we are saved. No one has ever shown me any evidence that I am wrong.

I’d so like to see it.

My heart goes out to Megan, Spisak, and the other friends on my list who knew Ghent. I’m sorry for all you’ve lost – but I beg you to remember all you’ve gained. Life is precious and unpredictable, and ends at unexpected times for unexpected reasons. There’s nothing that can remind one more how important it is to be with your friends and lovers, while you can.. while they’re still breathing, and you’re still breathing. Because that goes away, and we have no idea what comes after. Unless god has come down and written you a personal email – unless you’ve had absolute and undeniable communication and you know you’re not crazy [which puts you several points ahead of me], you don’t know. I don’t know.

I wish I could say this will cause some basic change in my life, but I’m unlikely to give up two wheeled vehicles. You know the risks when you get on one.. no chassis to protect you and half the rubber for traction. But they’re still fun.. and almost everything fun is dangerous. On the other hand, I promise not to drive any bikes so massive that they couldn’t be stopped in a hundred feet.. 😉

Everything is variable. Everyone ends. For every life, there is a death.. something sobering to remember. Every person I talk to tomorrow, every person I hug, every person I send a email to.. will – in historical terms, very quickly – die.

So let’s live while we’re here, eh?

Again, my condolences to you all.