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Feature request

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

Browser tabs are great. Browser tabs are wonderful. Could we please have the ability to bookmark a entire tabset?


My life is now slightly more complete…

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

thanks to seeing this

OFf any reasonable topic

Friday, July 29th, 2005

I recently tried out Archy (here) and I have to say, for a peice of software that is supposed to be simplifying the user experience, this does a amazingly good job.. of complicating it.

I could probably go on for a couple of days about why this is *not* how to design intuitive user interfaces, about how this is about the worst example of a ‘human-friendly’ program I’ve ever seen – but I won’t. I thought about emailing the authors and telling them they’d failed miserably at their attempt to make a human-friendly program – but I decided not to. Let them figure it out. They will, about the first time they watch a new user try and use their software, and compare it with a new user trying to use a regular windows program.

I’d like to see a attempt at a new user interface that’s *really* new.

But then, I’m still anxiously awaiting my first chance to do a direct neural-computer linkup. (aren’t we all). Not that my brain would have any idea what to do with the information it received…

On another topic..

Lust is a sin. We’ve all been told this.

My current concept for our creator is sort of like a computer programmer – he wrote our DNA, in whatever language one uses to write humans. I imagine it was rather a lot of work. He included lust.

He* can not possibly blame us for something glandular that he wrote in.

* = or She, or It, or They..


Friday, July 15th, 2005

As a little voice inside my head once told me, the problem with contemplating God.. is that I can’t do it justice.

Looking around – and even if we restrict the world to three dimensions and say this is all there is – God is too large and too complex for me.

At this point, I geniunely wish that I could return to either A: not thinking about the problem at all or B: thinking about it in the sense that I can abstractly bandy it about and not get eternally tormented for it.

I need to get to sleep.

Not dead.

Friday, July 15th, 2005

I just thought that I’d post that I’m not dead.

I’ve been making some changes in my life. I expect to make some more. There’s something seriously wrong with my life, and I haven’t yet figured out what it is. (One possibility is the Phoebe-shaped hole is still making itself known.. five years is a long time to live with somebody.. )

I don’t really feel that my future is secure. I’m scared for it, in fact.. with the number of natural disasters that could occur (the Tsunami was a big reminder that God is not universally on the side of the humans), the number of artifical disasters that could occur.. the whole world economy seems so fragile, like it could come unglued at any time. And yes, humans would adapt, but..

I don’t even really know what I’m scared of. Or what it is that I need to change. I’m acting like I’m stuck in the Indigo Girls song Closer to Fine – I’ve tried reading the Bible (only to be horrified.. there’s a lot of scary things in there. The book is not for kids – I can’t understand why my parents hid the Heinlien but not the bible.. if I’d ever actually read it when I was a child, it would have given me nightmares for *months*.

And yet – we don’t even know what it’s a history *of*. It scares me – why does somewhere between 35 and 70% of the world think this book is a accurate portrayal of God?

Perhaps this is what happens to people that makes them turn conservative as they grow older? The knowledge of how small they are, of how much they don’t know, of how fragile and temporary the soap bubble might be?

Why do so many think we’re immortal? What is it that everyone can see that I can not?