New clips, and a oldie that I’ve decided I rather like

New clips from me + ron’s jam session last night, cut up and sans all the talking and whatnot:>

And, from a recent jam session with Mike:

And, from a long ago meeting of Howling Moon (the band I was in with MIke for a while):

You know, it’s amazing how many of my audio clips I originally hated that six months or a year later I decide I really like.. I wonder if it’s just repetition, or if something else is going on there.

By the way, if anyone likes the clips of me + ron, tell your friends! We need fans. 😉 [Maybe we should start a mailing list or something..]

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  1. Swipes Says:

    Okay, I’ve said many times I’m a music idiot, but I can definitely recognize how far you’ve come listening to this version of Southern Cross.

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