Remember how you felt on Sept. 11th? Remember how it felt to be in New York, to be looking at New York and knowing you have friends there.

A attack. No Reason given. Why?

Now think about being in Iraq. Belonging there. Living there. A person, just like you, doing your job over there.

The government announces a fictional [at least, it certainly looks that way] reason for attacking you. Then they blow up half your city block, and knock out your power and water.

A attack. No True Reasons. Why?

It’s not any different. Now think about you feel about being complicit in another country’s 9/11 experience.

We liberated them iraqis. Sure ’nuff.

And the Saudis liberated us.

Yep, they did. Liberated 3,500 of us right into the next universe.

Are you getting even the faintest _twinge_ that maybe this was a bad idea?

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