That train has sailed..

Gah. Another one of my ex-lovers is getting married. Somehow this always makes me feel really, really old. I wish her the best – and hope that her boyfriend isn’t hopeless just because he’s republican. [Not that I suspect those who think war is generally the answer are hopeless, just that, well…]

But I’m trying to be respectful and accepting and all that. Anyway, I really do hope it works out well for them. There’s enough divorce and unhappiness in the world already. More than enough. Several times more than enough.

And I can safely write here again, secure in the knowlege that everyone thinks I’ve stopped posting.

Oh, wait, I have stopped posting. 😉

But I’ll make a exception for tonight, because I’m waiting on a linux install (spiffy new version of Gateway – with lots, and lots, and lots of disk to keep all my sick porno, leeched music, video, warez, hacking tools, software I’ve written, corrispondence I’ve written, back up P.’s new laptops (both of them.. heh heh heh..) and enough left over to make samples of every good clip of audio in every movie I own and a few I don’t.

I need more time. I need life to slow down. I have this bad feeling I missed something, I need to rewind and see what it was. Make.. the.. bad.. man.. stop.

On the radio today I actually heard some new music that I dug.. Jazon Mraz, The Remedy.

Been jamming with another live trance musician in Seattle – I’m seriously hoping he’s coming back, because we were sounding rather seriously good. Or at least, I thought so. (P. even said we sounded ‘not half bad’ in her journal)

MP3s as they become available.

Spent about 2 hours at Isomedia because some people who will remain nameless tried to give me a IP range that was already allocated to a DSL customer. Um, no, that doesn’t work. Sorry.

Still haven’t heard from the friend I bailed out of gaol the other day – you’d think he’d at least call and explain how he got there in the beginning.

Way too much work to do and not enough time to do it in..

Signing off,


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  1. l2g Says:

    “Another one of my ex-lovers is getting married. Somehow this always makes me feel really, really old.”

    Wait until they start having kids. 🙂

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