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Never been one to let the carrier drop August 2008 - Never been one to let the carrier drop

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Party reminder

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Just a reminder that tomorrow will be Sheer & Kayti’s engagement and housewarming party – also known as a birthday party for Tory (of Mischief Committee) and Allie (the cat).

If you want any particular refreshments, feel free to forward your request along – remember to come early (5pish) as parking in Long Beach gets progressively more difficult after dark.

The event will be at Sheer & Kayti’s house: email for address and directions.

Tory & Sheer will be holding a jam session along with anyone else who wants to join in, as well. We look forward to seeing whichever of you can make it.

Off to DefCon

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I’m off to DefCon 16 (which is actually 0x10 but shoudl be 0x0F because they should have started counting at zero – just what kind of hackers are these anyway?)

I am as usual bringing a arseload of music equipment – I will try to stream live from the Con at least one night and possibly two or three on http://www.wshr.us

I’m also looking for hotel parties to play at – if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone. I know I should have posted in the forums, and maybe I will do so once I get there.  I’ve got a pair of SRM450s with me, but no bass cubes because I figured it would be better to not get kicked out 😉

Help choose rings

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

Me and Kayti are trying to decide on rings. These will be used both as engagement and as wedding rings. We have a choice of metals and gauges, so what we’re mostly looking for is advice on which style would be best.

We have decided that we want puzzle rings, as a symbol of the puzzle that life and relationships can be. (Also because they’re fun to play with)

Here are the three we are thinking of:

Choice A: 4 band

Choice B: 4 band
Choice C: 5 band

*** PARTY!!! – 8/30/08 – Long Beach, CA ***

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

It’s time for Sheer and Kayti’s Housewarming, Tory’s Birthday, Allie the Cat’s Birthday, Sheer and Kayti’s Engagement, and Just Generally Let’s Have a Party Because There Needs to Be a Party Party!

The festivities will take place on 8/30 – feel free to show up any time after 5p. This will be a somewhat informal event, I’m guessing less than 30 will be there, and presents are optional. Tory of Mischief Committee, birthday boy extraordinaire,  will be present, so a jam session will likely ensue.  Other possible diversions include LAN-party sorts of activities (though if you want to play a 1st-person shooter, you’ll have to bring it yourself – Sheer, as always, is a fan of 3rd-party strategy games), sneakernet-style music exchange, a wide variety of board and card games, and of course our ever-entertaining birthday cat. (No longer a kitten, officially, he will be 1 year old on 9/2)

Also, on Sunday (9/1) we will be going to Six Flags with Tory, Meg, Jay and anyone else who wants to tag along. I will probably email a number of you individually since I don’t think very many of my SoCal friends read my journal anyway 😉

E-mail me for address and directions. Parking later at night can be challenging in Long Beach (too many cars, not enough spaces), so arrive early. 😉