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Monday, May 27th, 2002

this is a interesting little collection.

More fun personality tests!

Saturday, May 25th, 2002

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.


Snippit o’ sheer fiction

Friday, May 24th, 2002

“You want the truth?”
Smoke curled around his face, as he sat there facing me, facing the microphone, facing the entire world. He took another drag from the cigarette, tossed it towards a overflowing ashtray.
“We’re all insane. All of us. Every last one. It’s the only successful adaptation to the world you can make.”
“Yes, really. Sanity is a concept without a referant. We’ve got a agreed upon version of reality that we use, that sometimes works.. but like a old movie, reality keeps breaking. Then when it’s taped back togeather, it’s inconsistant in the place it breaks.”
“I find this very hard to believe”
“I don’t blame you.”

Friday, May 24th, 2002

Woo Hoo!.



Friday, May 24th, 2002

You know at the end of jeprody where they say ‘contestents also get’..

Well, here’s bob harris dumping his ‘also get..’ loot: realvideo. I’m find this rather funny for some reason..

Comics in my email? We’ll see what the spam factor is ;-)

Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

these people claim they are going to email me dilbert and a few other of my favorite comics. Including 9 chickweed lane, but not, alas, the boondocks.

Anyway, gave them a unique address, so we’ll see what the spam factor is. I think I’m going to implement my spam stopper script shortly. It’s getting crazy over here..


Children & Sex, P. & the net

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002

this is kind of a rant, but I’m posting it here instead of at TST because I figure Cyg doesn’t need the bad press.

And beleive me, this one could generate some bad press.

Why don’t we tell our children about sex?

No, really, I’m serious.

I know, we’re too embarrassed.. but why are we so ashamed of what is obviously a natural part of what we are? Hrm, could it be because we were taught to be ashamed, partially by the way our parents reacted when we asked them questions about it?

Or could it be that we’re afraid if they knew about it, they’d want to play too?

Actually, it gets worse. As a child, I was shown the classic ‘scream really loud if someone tries to touch you here’ films. I’m missing the point of these. Either you don’t enjoy it, in which case you probebly DON’T need a movie to tell you that you didn’t enjoy it, because you already know – or you do enjoy it, in which case, why does it matter?

[as a side note, it seems pretty clear that 99%+ of children – at least the ones who’ve turned into adults who I’ve then talked to – don’t enjoy nonconsensual sexual contact. So go fuck yourselves, pedos.. or make a virtual world and screw virtual children. But stop messing with – and up – the future loves of other people’s lives.]

Any way, returning to the children and sex thing. It occurs to me that this generation – the one coming up now – may be the first exposed to sexual content from a very young age. [You think the spammers really check to see how old people are? Noo, I do not think so]

So, if there was some really good reason, as opposed to more of the usual human fearmongering that seems to laden every single inch of our society, for this secrecy concerning sexuality, someone better come out and say what it is now. Oh ye older and wiser heads, start talking. ‘Because I said so’ is not a good answer.

[I wish more people read this thing sometimes. Actually, who am I kidding. If you totalled up the hits on my LJ, all three of my web sites, and added in traffic to the brassrat root for kicks, you’d still have less than a thousand hits a month. I just don’t draw the crowds for some reason. Can’t imagine why..]

[It’d probably help if people would link to me. Of course, It’d also probebly help if I’d link to people]


On another topic, I’ve finally figured out why P.’s comments of the other day upset me so much.

P. was defending the current status quo of publishing, stating that there is little worthwhile content on the net and that we shouldn’t try to put paper content on the net. In general, I gather, she was criticizing the network as a publishing medium and the content that gets published. One of her comments was that we ‘all wanted our own place on the shelf’ and that she thought this was a bad thing.

That’s what set me off.

The elitist idea that my ideas are better than yours because some editor happens to like them.

This is exactly what happens with music labels, and I _hate_ it. I’m okay with the fact that only a thousand people even accidentally come across my stuff, and I have two readers. That doesn’t bother me. What would bother me is if I had zero readers and a several-mile-thick pile of rejection slips.

We all should _have_ our own place on the shelf. Every one of the four billion of us on the globe.

What the net does – is make the system truly democratic. You are free to publish anything you want to publish. People are free to read it – or not read it – as they choose. People can link to content they like, thusly making it more accessable. The only down side in the system is that all of the web servers are so inpermanent that the link which works today may be a 404 tomorrow. I don’t know what the working solution to this is, but I still beleive that the network is a beautiful animal.

And I can’t believe that P. would see it otherwise.

Why do we need editors and media conglomerates and publishers and labels and governments to decide what’s best for us, what we should say, what we should hear, what we should see, and what we should think?


What is more important to becoming a writer/musician/creator? Practice authoring, or practice revising? Or must you have a balance of both?


Wednesday, May 22nd, 2002

A slight chuckle.

No, really, I’m totally humorless. I got a job offer from – a serious one – just what I’ve always wanted, to be in the EV sphere as a ‘pro’. And I can’t even make myself be happy over that..

maybe once I get some sleep I’ll be in a better mood.

One can hope.


LED museam web site

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002

It’s the kind of web site leeper would love:

LED meuseam.


Good day, I think

Tuesday, May 21st, 2002

Today was a reletively good day, all things considered. Roy dropped by with his sweet new [if somewhat underpowered] e-bike. Beautiful body, no power to speak of.

Worked some on the bios routines for the mk3. Here’s the list of functions:

Read dataflash buffer
Write dataflash buffer
Write through dataflash buffer to part
Read dataflash part starting from location
Read dataflash to buffer

Get network packet from incoming buffer
Send network packet to outgoing buffer

The list of variables:

unprocessed incoming packet counter
current incoming location

unprocessed outgoing packet counter
current outgoing location

32 bytes X 8 incoming packet space
32 bytes X 8 outgoing packet space,, and all seem to be doing well. Posted a rant [which is my ‘other hand’ to my comment about the mailbox bomber] at

I love the concept of this site – hopefully as the years go by, it will absorb more content, especially content that makes the point that is Cygnostik’s basic permise..

Everyone is born unique, but so many die as copies.

C. is quite the collector of cool quotes.

Had a interesting disagreement with P. today over the value of the internet. Or my contribution to it. Or something. I wish I could understand exactly what she was getting at – that I should write less, or write higher quality, or something, I gather.

Higher quality. Well, for me, that only comes with practice. So, thusly, here I am, practicing. And any of you poor suckers who are still reading, well, you chose to keep reading. I didn’t make you. 😉

I looked over the past few weeks and realized that, without actually talking about the most intense things that are happening in my life, I still manage to ‘talk’ a lot. Perhaps too much. But the nice thing about the LJ format is that I can pretty much rest assured that no one is being forced to read my drivel.

Or something.