Good day, I think

Today was a reletively good day, all things considered. Roy dropped by with his sweet new [if somewhat underpowered] e-bike. Beautiful body, no power to speak of.

Worked some on the bios routines for the mk3. Here’s the list of functions:

Read dataflash buffer
Write dataflash buffer
Write through dataflash buffer to part
Read dataflash part starting from location
Read dataflash to buffer

Get network packet from incoming buffer
Send network packet to outgoing buffer

The list of variables:

unprocessed incoming packet counter
current incoming location

unprocessed outgoing packet counter
current outgoing location

32 bytes X 8 incoming packet space
32 bytes X 8 outgoing packet space,, and all seem to be doing well. Posted a rant [which is my ‘other hand’ to my comment about the mailbox bomber] at

I love the concept of this site – hopefully as the years go by, it will absorb more content, especially content that makes the point that is Cygnostik’s basic permise..

Everyone is born unique, but so many die as copies.

C. is quite the collector of cool quotes.

Had a interesting disagreement with P. today over the value of the internet. Or my contribution to it. Or something. I wish I could understand exactly what she was getting at – that I should write less, or write higher quality, or something, I gather.

Higher quality. Well, for me, that only comes with practice. So, thusly, here I am, practicing. And any of you poor suckers who are still reading, well, you chose to keep reading. I didn’t make you. 😉

I looked over the past few weeks and realized that, without actually talking about the most intense things that are happening in my life, I still manage to ‘talk’ a lot. Perhaps too much. But the nice thing about the LJ format is that I can pretty much rest assured that no one is being forced to read my drivel.

Or something.

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