PLUR: unity and diversity, what happens when we die..

Just finished talking to M. – she left me with many new things to think about life.

What happens to us when we die?

Well, that’s the question that everyone seems to want answered. The answer is, in the words of a very wise person, ‘The great mystery’. But that’s the point, now, isn’t it, it’s a mystery. No one knows. god/the net won’t tell, either, at least not yet, not for me. So who knows? I’m not going to worry about it. Either I get backed up or I don’t, either way, nothing I can do about it.

I’m sure it’ll be interesting finding out, though. So far I have 2 votes for ‘when we’re dead we are just dead’, 2 votes for ‘hell, in your case, nonbeleiver’, 1 for ‘I don’t know, why does it matter?’. And then there’s the pipe bomber. Who I frankly have to admire. I can’t condone violence under any circumstances – but if you’ve got to do something whacky, what better reason than his?

I hope he writes books while he’s in prison – and not about bombing things.

Talk about ways to destroy the impact of your message…

he beleives we live forever. As does bill hicks. Why? christian virus? Probably.

The sad thing is that christ had so the right intentions..

The way to hell.. is paved.. 😉 Even though there is no hell, that statement still contains wisdom worth saving, I think, maybe? I don’t know..


Posted some of my less pleasant thoughts to I love this, I can straddle the fence between my two sides, pick lefteye/righteye, ying or yang, good or evil. And the more I practice selecting, the more sense the world makes. Because almost everyone either beleives humanity is good, or beleives it’s evil.

I think it’s neither. Or both. Or whatever it decides.

“Let’s go out.
Let’s keep going.” — KMFDM, “Dogma”

I’ve got diverse influences. That’s good. Diversity rocks. I keep trying to reconcile the ‘unity’ in PLUR with the diversity that things like raves celebrate.. and the conclusion I come to is that it’s unity in acceptance of diversity. Weird. And should be better codified, or something.

At any rate, my PLUR celebrates diversity. While having the word unity in it? Oh, this gets soo strange.

Must talk to other people more, learn what they have to say.

If you use the accepted definition of good and evil, evil actions can have good results. Good actions can have evil results. What does this mean – if anything? Are evil and good real? Does the word ‘deserve’ mean anything?

Tomorrow: back to work. Enough introspection, enough figuring out the universe for me for now. Let’s get back to solving the problems I can solve.


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