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*** PARTY!!! – 8/30/08 – Long Beach, CA ***

It’s time for Sheer and Kayti’s Housewarming, Tory’s Birthday, Allie the Cat’s Birthday, Sheer and Kayti’s Engagement, and Just Generally Let’s Have a Party Because There Needs to Be a Party Party!

The festivities will take place on 8/30 – feel free to show up any time after 5p. This will be a somewhat informal event, I’m guessing less than 30 will be there, and presents are optional. Tory of Mischief Committee, birthday boy extraordinaire,  will be present, so a jam session will likely ensue.  Other possible diversions include LAN-party sorts of activities (though if you want to play a 1st-person shooter, you’ll have to bring it yourself – Sheer, as always, is a fan of 3rd-party strategy games), sneakernet-style music exchange, a wide variety of board and card games, and of course our ever-entertaining birthday cat. (No longer a kitten, officially, he will be 1 year old on 9/2)

Also, on Sunday (9/1) we will be going to Six Flags with Tory, Meg, Jay and anyone else who wants to tag along. I will probably email a number of you individually since I don’t think very many of my SoCal friends read my journal anyway 😉

E-mail me for address and directions. Parking later at night can be challenging in Long Beach (too many cars, not enough spaces), so arrive early. 😉

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