Help choose rings

Me and Kayti are trying to decide on rings. These will be used both as engagement and as wedding rings. We have a choice of metals and gauges, so what we’re mostly looking for is advice on which style would be best.

We have decided that we want puzzle rings, as a symbol of the puzzle that life and relationships can be. (Also because they’re fun to play with)

Here are the three we are thinking of:

Choice A: 4 band

Choice B: 4 band
Choice C: 5 band

2 Responses to “Help choose rings”

  1. Cygnostik Says:

    It may be that I’m a little bit of a minimalist. Could be a lot of things in fact and I’d say the more simple, cleaner design of choice A is much more…. elegant? Pleasant? Attractive? Dignified?

    The intricate designs of the others seems excessive. Also the larger surface areas on A to me is just prettier.

    In fact, I’d be all for one of those. But in something silver like titanium or something like that. ’cause I’m a nerd. (and I hate gold, unless it’s a pile of bricks and it’s mine, then I like it just fine)

    The puzzle design is always very cool. Makes me think of the first episode or so of farscape too. 😛

  2. wedding rings girl Says:

    these wedding rings seem to be too much for me. i usually prefer simple clean wedding rings as i feel those rings, you don’t get tired of. i think platinum or gold would be the best choice. if platinum is a bit too much, i would go with 14k white gold (it stays white longer than an 18k white gold)

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