Off to DefCon

I’m off to DefCon 16 (which is actually 0x10 but shoudl be 0x0F because they should have started counting at zero – just what kind of hackers are these anyway?)

I am as usual bringing a arseload of music equipment – I will try to stream live from the Con at least one night and possibly two or three on

I’m also looking for hotel parties to play at – if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone. I know I should have posted in the forums, and maybe I will do so once I get there.  I’ve got a pair of SRM450s with me, but no bass cubes because I figured it would be better to not get kicked out 😉

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  1. Cygnostik Says:

    So’d you get HAX0RDuh? Did you find me any hot little geek chix?

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