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Just so you right wingers know what you’re cheering on..

Monday, January 4th, 2021

There was a additional point which occurred to me. In the middle of a pandemic, with people starving, people having trouble paying rent, the US government thinks more toys for the military are far more important than a $2000 check for people with income under $152k. Make no mistake, more than $2k of your tax dollars are going to military toys, and the senate overrode the president’s veto on this. Keep in mind everyone in the senate with the possible exception of Bernie has a net worth well north of a million dollars. So, these millionares think it’s more important to keep the big bucks going to the socialism-for-mass-murderers system that is the US military contractors and the military-industrial complex, but you, the people? No. You don’t deserve that money. Better to spend it murdering.

In this particular case there is a clear party divide. The democrats would give you a check, but the republicans think you deserve to starve so they can add another million to their bank account. Those of you who say “Voting democrat is stealing money out of my wallet” – no, both parties are taking money from you. The difference is the republicans think you especially deserve to have your money taken if your income is below average, and also think that the money shouldn’t go to help the starving and sick, but rather to go to more toys for blowing things up, which will be used to commit murder.

We’re #1! We’re #1!

Monday, January 4th, 2021

So, as of right now, the US is now *double* our closest competitor in terms of COVID cases – and our closest competitor is *India*, a country with 3x the population we have.

I’m inclined to blame a lot of things, including a incompetent, incredibly selfish government (especially the Republicans) which is only interested in it’s own selfish ends and not the needs of the people it is governing, our capitalism as a religion (call in sick for work? You’re barely making rent as it is..), our incredibly awful medical system that exists first and foremost to make more billions for the billionaires, with taking care of the health of the people who use it as a very distant second, let’s not forget our president who has the mentality of a toddler and the IQ of Alexa – he keeps thinking – and telling people – and apparently a lot of people are dumb enough or brainwashed enough to listen – that it will just go away. And of course let’s talk about how people on the right are both dumb enough and delusional enough to politicize *wearing a mask*. I guess the good news is there will be less of them next year, but the bad news on that front is unfortunately most of the ones who will die have already reproduced.

Yes, there’s plenty of blame to go around. But will we learn? Will we stop spending trillions on tools to blow up other countries so we can steal their oil and start spending trillions on price-no-object health care?

No, probably not. In the meantime a large and disturbing number of people want to overthrow the results of the current election (I can tell you, after personally digging through millions of rows of data, that the number of people cheating on the election is statistically insignificant. It wouldn’t even change a election won by only 20k. Republicans have just increasingly become believers of “if you can’t win, cheat” – and what better way to cheat than by claiming the other side cheated? I mean, it worked in 2016 – while we know Trump used to walk in on teens in beauty pageants and there’s any number of creepy pictures with him and various young girls, the message was pushed hard that Clinton was running a child sex ring. And people bought it.

I guess I shouldn’t let these things bother me since after all there is nothing I can do about them. But it is depressing as anything.


Monday, January 4th, 2021

– I think this article does a good job of pointing out the obvious.  Republicans, in their quest to be as awful as possible and hurt humanity as much as possible so a few individuals can get further ahead, have finally gone over the watershed line and are now advocating to throw out the result of a free and fair election. They are living in a interesting cloudcuckooland where if someone didn’t vote for their Dear Leader, their vote must be wrong – they are now screaming “Count all the republican votes. Throw all the democratic votes out.”


I’m impressed, yet again, by their awfulness, greed, and stupidity.