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Monday, December 17th, 2007

For no reason I can directly identify, i don’t like Ron Paul

Making the curse of monkey island run on a modern system

Friday, December 14th, 2007

In case anyone is curious, the tricks to making the LucasArts game ‘The Curse Of Monkey Island’ run on a modern (SMP) system without constant crashes and sound issues are as follows:

1) In the control panel, under sounds and audio devices /  audio tab / sound playback / advanced / performance, set hardware acceleration to ‘basic only’

2) Monkey island has a launcher – it’s the autorun application for the cd. Once the launcher is running (either via autorun or via running monkey.exe off the cd), open the task manager (control-alt-delete), find the application in the list, right click and choose ‘go to process’. Then, right click on the process, choose ‘set affinity’, and uncheck all but CPU 0.

3) Now, go back to the launcher and click ‘launch monkey island’. Because the process is invoked by a process with a affinity mask, the game process will also have one and will therefore work correctly.

This trick may work on many games which otherwise have audio problems on SMP/dual core/quad core/multiprocessor systems. I apologize if everyone in the world but me already knew this. 😉