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Monday, August 2nd, 2004

I sent out a small peice of flamebait yesterday (BAD sheer! bad! Bad!) and got flames beyond anything I could have dreamed. A encouraging sign for the development of Sheer is that personal attacks made at me from family members no longer leave much of a dent. If anything, they make me feel sorry for the family members involved. [I mean, I always knew from his SUV driving habits that my dad’s brother was not my type of guy – but I guess I assumed he was a little more of a adult than his replies demonstrated him to be. Interesting. Very. I don’t mind if I terminally sever all connections with my dad’s side of the family, because I never get along with them very well anyway. And, diety of choice willing, if I ever do, it will be because _they_ change. ;-)]

It’s amusing.. I can see bits of myself in them.. I wonder, do I manage to achive the same levels of cluelessness while being convinced of my utter correctness? quite possible. Must think about.