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Thursday, July 12th, 2007

Most geeks are familiar with the common types of computer timestamp – and the common types of human ones.

The rest of this post has absolutely no point at all. But it’s funny.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to do timestamps as seconds since the big bang? Yes, it’s true, it’d be a much larger feild, but it would represent all possible useful dates. Of course, since we don’t know precisely when the big bang occured (to the nearest millisecond) it might make figuring out what time it is now somewhat difficult…

Then, of course, someone is going to come along and say they want to be able to refer to times *before the big bang*, to which I will suggest using a negative integer. Then they will point out that it’s possible that the universe loops such that before the big bang IS after the big bang – and/or, there’s another big bang before that, and another after us, stretching infinately in both directions..

This problem comes up in other areas. One starts looking for absolutes, and a few jump out – absolute zero, for example. (Funny, they never talk about absolute one – is there a hottest possible temp?). What’s below absolute zero? What’s negative one Kelvin? The physics people sometimes tell us there’s no such animal, but I’m not so convinced. Yes, all the little subatomic particles may be at rest at zero K – but perhaps -1 K is where they do really, really interesting things? Or perhaps you just fall to a lower energy metastate, and the process repeats.

Feel free to criticize -n- correct my physics.


Monday, July 9th, 2007

And in other news, 4 of my 6 credit cards are now paid off. I anticipate finishing paying them off by the beginning of September. This will leave me with just hospital bills, taxes, and personal loans to finish up – I am still thinking I will have paid off everything by December.

Well, so..

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Thanks to helpful peeps including Dan S. and Chris M., I now have my wordpress blog up and running and crossposting to Livejournal. Perhaps I’ll set it to also crosspost to myspace.. wouldn’t that be fun?

Lately I’ve been feeling like digging up old friends.. I’ve managed to find a bunch of friends from relatively early in my childhood via MySpace, and I’ve been finding contact information for and spamming people from Seattle.. I sort of vary between intensely-social-wanting-to-be-in-touch-with-everybody and intensely antisocial and wanting to hide in my cave and write software.

The drug that I was using to help me sleep has now more-or-less conclusively been linked with my continous stream of nightmares, which leaves me with the difficult decision of do I return to being a often-insomniac with mostly good dreams, or do I return to having nightmares every night but being able to sleep predictably and on schedule?

Went to Seattle for the 4th and set off many large fireworks. Much fun was had by all. Thanks to Bruce S. (if he reads this which I doubt) for hosting me and other considerations.

Back in the swing of work, slowly.. trying to work out the kinks in some code that involves Flex talking to PHP talking to STOMP talking to Perl. Very multilingual.

Finally got around to convincing the Slingbox to talk to the network again after renumbering. There are still some machines that have some issues with talking to the net. Also finally shut down Gateway and AIXER – I hate to have machines not up and talkable-to, but it was just getting too bloody hot in my garage. I’ve got a managed power strip that I need to put out there so I can turn on and off individual machines as appropriate. Especially needed because my friend’s BSD box (and he’s constantly commenting on how much more reliable BSD is than Linux) seems to crash about once every month..

Bought tickets for the UK to visit Enyc and Maddy.

Not much else to report. Currently my religious investigations have me poking at unitarian universalism – I glance at these people every once in a while, and every internet ‘find your religion’ quiz I’ve ever taken has said that they’d be my first choice. I have to say I agree with just about everything I’ve read about them so far. Eerie.


[guess who’s been reading alt.sysadmin.recovery]

It was good seeing T0ry & Meg, too.. I hope Tory will come down and do a music video or record a new track or something with me.

*tap-tap.. is this thing on?*

Monday, July 9th, 2007

Testing WP -> livejournal crosspost.