Trying to avoid work..

Not taht it’s particularly difficult. I don’t know why, but every attempt to write a seriously large coded object has to start with this procrastinatin proccess, which lasts anywhere from a few hours to (once) a few months. Actually, this also applies to writing music, and writing fiction.. there’s no particularly good explanation for it.. I like to think I’m just letting my creative juices boil.

How called today and asked me for time estimates for all teh slices of the ICM for the third time. I told him I wasn’t playing that game any more, and that none of them had changed since I hadn’t written any of it since te last time we talked. He agreed not to call again until thursday. One can only hope. By then maybe I’ll be on to writing things.

I need to peruse AVRfreaks and see what sort of cleverness other people are coming up with for their bootloaders. I guess I’ll do that now.

I don’t feel particularly well, and I have no good explanation about why except perhaps the half-pint of pickled garlic I ate. I really need to stop doing that.. the problem with pickled garlic is that once you’ve eaten one, it’s sooo hard to stop..

2 Responses to “Trying to avoid work..”

  1. heidianna Says:

    Did you say a 1/2 pint of pickled garlic???

    You must have the best immune system ever! heeheehee.

  2. darlingbud Says:

    Pickled garlic??

    I’m getting heartburn just *thinking* about it …

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