Carrier test..

Okay. so I’ve been lacking in posting to my journal.. and most of the things I have posted have been private-sheer-only journal messages. You all missed me, right? Right? Oh. Wait. Maybe not..

Anyway, I’m not really sure how to sum up the last few weeks. Cygnostik came and visited and we went to victoria and I got excessively drunk, something I shall not do again for a long while.. [the smell of whiskey still makes my stomach do a slow roll to the left]. I guess the powers taht be figure alchohol should be legal because unlike many of my more beloved chemical substances, it carries it’s own punishment. And how.

Now I’m trying to get up the energy to write a shitload of assembly for a AVR to do a bunch of interesting things. I can’t say my heart is really in it, but perhaps I can pretend.

And contemplating what I want for breakfast / lunch / dinner / whatever it is..

More later when I have something to say (if I have something to say)

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  1. anghouedd Says:

    You’ve been missed.

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