Oh, almost forgot..

our band appears to have a name.. at least for the moment, we are ‘Mischief Committee’.

I like it.

I’m going to close out our sets with a sample of Harry Potter 3 and Lupin saying, ‘Mischief managed’.


Went down to the Aurifice tonight to hang with Tory and Alex. Waater was there, as was Lara, as were many of the enviornmental structures people. Didn’t spend too much time talking to any of them since I was clanning around with my excuse for a band 😉 [reminds me, I need to chop up our latest sessions into tracks]

Anyway, so, need to go down to the Chiabant and see if I can ‘book’ us into it. One can only hope.

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  1. irisdragonfly Says:

    I like Mischeif Committee..
    If you need any Mischeif Maker Dancers… lemme know… (*smirk*)

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