So anyway..

I just hit the ‘latest 50 posts’ or something like that button on the front page of LJ. It’s interesting.. a random slice of a bunch of people’s lives, scrolling across your screen. It seemed almost like I could sort the people into types.. I mean, each of them a distinct and no doubt facinating individual, with loves and hates and thoughts and fears and all those things, but also they somehow all seemed to blur togeather into a great mass of humanity as well.

Peace out, people.

I did see many posts in otehr languages, which made me happy. I really love the journaling thing. I want to write a journal-spider that creates database tables that one can write all sorts of interesting queries on based on the global at-large journal world. but then, I also want to write a program that just evolves, and IS, and is connected to the net. Something that uses perl and eval and genetic algorythms to be as alive as code ever can be.

just like I’d like to build a robot. And I’d like to get a album out. And I’d like to clean the basement. And I’d like to mail off this stupid PC that’s been done for weeks and is sitting behind me gathering dust and being tripped over. I had a IM from Greg today.. probably wants to know where the hell his computer is. Can’t blame him.

Mostly, I want to be DONE with parking meters for a while.

My new years resolutions are as follows:

1) Buy less stuff. Specifically, buy less new stuff which is made in china by a bunch of slaves. Used stuff is okay IMHO.
2) Make more friends.
3) Save more money. I want to have a full year’s operating capitol banked in case of emergancy, _out_ of the stock market. Maybe even in gold or some other hard resource. [and no, I don’t think music gear counts]

If anyone is looking for last minute presents for me, a subscription to Home Power and/or Funny Times would be appriciated.

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