Merry Christmas to All..

My muttered comment as I crawl out of bed (entirely too early) and check my mail.. ‘maybe the spammers have taken christmas off’.

ha ha ha.

I’m so funny.

I’ve never _seen_ so much spam. My anti-spam system caught 83 peices today, and (horrors) six slipped through to my inbox. Not counting the semi-spam which I’ve decided I like enough to put on t he whitelist.


Yeesh, people, it’s christmas, take a break.

On the other hand, the peer-to-peer nets are humming. My download is almost half of my upload. 😉

[For those of you who don’t keep track, for whatever reason my line stays 100% in use in upload, but only about 30% in use in download for whatever bandwidth cap I sset. I theorize that this is because WinMX users are a bunch of leeches.]

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  1. anghouedd Says:

    Merry Christmas! And thank you, if I didn’t get the chance to say it before. Thank you very much.

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