signing off, but one last thought.

Some time in the future I will read this journal.. assuming it doesn’t get lost somehow.. and see it through the eyes of me ten years older. How odd that will be? Some day, assuming that M. chooses to reveal it to him, my son will read my words and see whatever echoes of me he cares to see.. (probably in between hating me for giving him up for adoption, but such is life.. ).

Remember that it’s not neccesarily true that the old are wiser than the young. There is wisdom in both, and shortsightedness in both. In the middle there is also wisdom and shortsightedness.

And the young deserve a vote just as much as the old. By young, I mean ten-year-olds if they were willing to go to the polls. Six year olds. two year olds.

Sometimes it seems to me that the young deserve more of a vote. After all, they have to live with the aftermath longer, in every decision we make.

I haven’t smoked weed for many weeks. Just haven’t felt like it. [and, I haven’t smoked tobacco in a couple of months now. But that was a choice, I have indeed felt like it, sometimes it kind of .. eats into me in a odd way. Definately a addictive drug.]

Drugs. Drags. Chemicals. Thoughts.

What will me at 80 think of me at 27? Sometimes I wish I’d started this journal earlier.. in order to capture my life over my life.

The amazing thing about LJ is how it will enable us ALL to capture our life over our life. It’s a amazing thing.

Now to figure out how to make it last millenia, would be the next logical step. To send it winging through the stars, saying we, too, in all our minutia ,were here.

LJers for eternaty.

It’s a neat idea, really. Once your words are spoken, they are etched in time. Of course, then the trick becomes finding the good ones. There are already so many LJs that I couldn’t even begint o read a tenth of them. Some of them quite poignent and good, some of them quite interesting stories. Others, like mine, quite dull. 😉

We are what we are.


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