Yes, it’s been a while, but.. Sheer Poetry

Darkness falls on winter lands
Time’s arrow again disbands
We also serve who lie in wait
Hour after hour, taught carefully to hate

Men will clash in fire for oil
Black gold rain nuclear fire on earth’s soil
In seven years the wells run dry
In seven years fire streaks across the sky

For men were never bred to share
While we dream of love, our leaders hatred bear
While we reach for peace, they build machines of war
while we search for hope, they close freedom’s door

All for money do the “good men” die
All for nothing do we to our children lie
The cycle burns on, another war
In another hundred thousand years again eagles will soar

How many times have we played this role
How many cycles only gods could know
How much hatred must man invent
How many more fights for ‘The President’?

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