Rainforest #2 down..

Well, I return from rainforest #2, and now will spend a few days bumming around the east coast before flying back to Seattle for my regularly scheduled life.

Rainforest #2, aka the Mongahalia National Forest, had *lots* of rain. More rain than you could shake a soaked umbrella at. And not nearly as much interesting life.. lots of interesting bugs, but nothing mammelian. (Actually, technically I think they have bears but the bears have learned that it’s better to stay away from the people, and vice versa)

The idea found in this document has been grabbing my imagination lately. It’s so bizarre to think that, for example, the mischief committee CD that I recorded existed in the universe before I recorded it, lurking in the 180,000,352th digit of Pi and onward. 😉

It makes one really tempted to write software to search for contents in pi. What interesting secrets might lurk there?

One particularly interesting project would be to search for human DNA, expressed in binary form, inside Pi.. 😉

4 Responses to “Rainforest #2 down..”

  1. amberite2112 Says:

    if you are around boston, mass, come to lowell, to see rark!!

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    I’d love to – unfortunately, the only # I have for h* results in a fast-busy, and h* hasn’t been replying to my emails… perhaps you could hint that I’d like to talk to h*?

  3. brassratgirl Says:

    Information literacy sez: look at the URL of something (/humor/humore28?) before takng anything too seriously.

  4. goamaki Says:

    I like Pi. Rhubarb is my favourite.

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