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I came to a few interesting thoughts recently. At risk of eternal damnation – or worse – for saying them, but I’ll say them here anyway.

1) Creating a lifeform and then giving it a life of eternal damnation when it doesn’t like you is questionable behavior.

2) If the Christians are right, it’s very difficult to accept the concept of having children. I mean, eternity is a *long* time. Wish I’d thought of that earlier.

3) People would probably say that me thinking I can judge God is broken behavior. Well, yes, it probably is – I certainly don’t have any way to impliment my judgements. I continue to think that God is so much better than I think s/he is that I can’t even comprehend it. This is mutually exclusive with being a Christian.. or maybe I should say it’s mutually exclusive with *only* being a christian. I don’t know. Complicated thoughts abound.

4) It’s a beautiful world. And I have to give the author of the human DNA props – I mean, yes, it has bugs, yes, it could be better (looks out for lightning bolts) but still, it’s a better piece of code than anything humanity has written yet. I mean, contemplate it.. 12 gigabytes of machine code, that when expressed in a carbon based world, will result in a self-repairing, self-reproducing, self-aware entity that can do spectacular things.. it boggles the mind. I wonder if we’ll have compilers that target human DNA, a list of library routines inside it, etc, someday? One thing is for sure.. the high-level language you describe lifeforms in sure isn’t going to be procedural! 😉

5) One of the nice things about finally admitting that I am in fact a collosal screw-up in just about every category that is measurable is that it leaves me with nowhere to go but up.

6) Maybe.

7) MoooOOOOO!

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  1. rarkrarkrark Says:

    Don’t assume that all Christians believe the same thing. About the only thing they all agree on is that Jesus is really important, and after that it all ends up being heavily debated. I really recommend, if you’re going to ponder Christian philosophy/theology to extend your view across the whole mess of ’em. You may find that some forms of Christianity are not as mutually exclusive with other things as you think.

    Eternity is a long time, regardless, and exists (or doesn’t, as what we consider time is really a human construct) regardless of christianity (whether or not we exist that long is another problem entirely, but is still not restricted to christianity)

    Read The Salmon of Doubt. Adams suggests an author and his book(s?) about evolution within that, but I haven’t read the suggested books yet (I only got through salmon of doubt this last month). But there’s a beautiful bit in there about evolution vs creation that was good for intuitive understanding of evolution (and why evolution creates situations that look like creation from a low-scoped viewpoint)

    Mooooooooo. Rark. Merflesnapf.

  2. goamaki Says:

    good thoughts. Although, not sure why you’re still obsessing about Christianity. Why bother questioning what others believe in? Then you’re doing exactly what they’re doing to people that aren’t.
    If you believe you’re a screw up, then you will be. The mind will believe whatever info you’re giving it over and over and over and over again. Change that message, and you can adjust the other way. I believe life is like a radio. Adjust accordingly, for what you need to listen to at the time.

  3. jcurious Says:

    I emailed you from my gmail account (jcurious) per your request, and I didn’t get a response…. shrugs…

    whats the dilly yo 😉

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