MSN, money, monitors, and more..

1) MSN movies got, I think, everything just about completely backwards. All the movies they hated I liked. Does this mean I’m atypical, or the reviewer is..

2) I’m temporarily in a cash crunch. It’s not a scary cash crunch (I’ve had far worse in the past two years), but it’s a little unnerving nonetheless. I’ve started to play the ‘no interest’ game of buying things on credit cards and then paying them off within 30 days.. we’ll see if it works out for me, or if I just end up with another stack of max’d credit cards.

3) After many faithful years of service, the Sceptre my parents gave me as a birthday present is being relegated to the garage to use as a monitor for the workbench, replaced by a 21″ diagonal Viewsonic LCD. It’s soooo pretty – and cost a pretty penny less than the sceptre did, too. Finally, more pixels – which, when doing Flex development, I really need – even having a desktop driving the sceptre and a 17″ laptop driving it’s own display wasn’t enough. I’m a li-itle bit worried about how well it’s going to work with my favorite video games, since it’s not 4:3, but hopefully it’ll be okay. If not, I think this graphics card supports multiple displays.. but unfortunately, my desk doesn’t. I suppose I could move the DJ mixer over to the far wall or something..

4) I continue to work on my proficiency with the XL-7. I’m seriously thinking of a WSHR broadcast, but I need to figure out a good time for all 3 of my listeners. Perhaps I will post a announcement in news on brig..

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