Settle this bet:

I was sad that no one took me up on my “pay it forward” response to Coriander, offering gifts to three people. I was thinking it was because my informational-in-nature gifts are perhaps not the most sought after chunks of data on the ‘net.

Kayti thinks that there were mitigating circumstances, and thusly we have a bet.

I have agreed to  double the potential gifts to six if six people (including her, so five others) will admit that they did want a gift from me, but didn’t post because they had already made the “pay it forward” offer in response to someone else, or refuse to post to live-journal as themselves, or didn’t want to commit with coming up with three gifts of their own, for any other reason that has nothing to do with not wanting a gift from me.

If six people including Kayti come forward saying that they want gifts from me now that the need to pay them forward is lifted, I will indeed make and give these gifts, which will again be informational in nature — stories or music or such-like — and send them to the email addresses these six people provide at some time during the next twelve months.   Send your requests as comments on my wordpress, on LJ, or as email.  You have two weeks from the timestamp on this post.

2 Responses to “Settle this bet:”

  1. Cori Says:

    I will!

  2. eaglesoars Says:

    I did not make a request because I do not post my own webpage or Live Journal, etc. Knowing the quality of the potential gift I was sorry I could not participate. However, now that you’ve changed the conditions, I definitely want a gift from you!

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