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So, I’m in SoCal, as my previous posts would indicate. I’ve been a bit too busy to post/log in/whatever, although I have been reading to (and occasionally even responding to) email.

First, thanks to for procuring tickets, providing transport, and other host-like services – he’s done admirably.

Second: The show.

Well, it most definately rocked.. it was more like a traditional concert than a music festival, although it did have food and drinks and things of that nature. It was at Glen Helen – which, the last time I was at, people threatened to knife me for dancing, so I have to admit I was somewhat leery. However, no similar events happened this time..

Started out by catching Flock Of Seagulls just in time for ‘I Ran’.. which was pretty cool, although I can’t say i’d go horribly out of my way to see a flock of seagulls concert. Then after that, saw a number of mainstage acts that I either didn’t know, or didn’t care that much about (including a really, really awful performance by Stone Roses.. at the end, they ended up turning him off before his set was up because he was that bad.. and yes, he really was that bad.. I think he was about a half step out for most of the singing.. )

Then, Tears For Fears! I can’t say enough about how excellent this show was.. they did almost all my favorites, although I was a little dissapointed that they didn’t do ‘Break It Down Again’. But we did get ‘Shout’, ‘Everybody wants to rule the world’, ‘Mad World’, ‘Seeds of Love’.. you know, all the greats. Seeds of Love seems more timely now than it did when it was written..

Anyway, they were in top form, and it was really great. Then Devo came up – I’m not a huge Devo fan, mostly because I’m a little too young – but they definately rocked the place, and I enjoyed their set. And the beehive hats are cute..

After Devo, some Scottish band I’d never heard of, who were okay but not stunning.. and then.. Billy Idol! Okay, you can all laugh all you want, but I’ve always loved Billy Idol’s work – especially the work of his guitarist, who can do a extended jam that will knock your socks off. And they were in top form last night, with Billy’s ego interfering with LAX’s flight path and him playing the crowd.. they played most of my favorites, including Flesh for Fantasy, White Wedding (although they really could have run that one out a little longer ;-)), Moni (wahtever that song’s called, you know the one I’m referring to ;-)), as well as a few lesser known songs. Wish they’d done Rock The Cradle, but aside from that, they hit all the big ones.

Then it was Susie of Susie and the Banshees fame, who was doing kind of a Mickey Hart with female vocals kind of act. We headed out early to beat the traffic, and hit up CalTech’s donuttary, which was really, really tasty. (I think they win the new prize for best donuts I’ve ever had. I’m not normally a huge donut fan, but as with all things, true quality is always appriciated). Then we hit up some eatery in Long Beach (I think, I wasn’t doing a great job of keeping track at this point) where me and DM’s non-SO got into a long debate about spousal support, jealousy and its worthiness as a human trait, and other assorted subjects. Then I came back to DM’s, and slept for about 14 hours, woke up, and checked out Farenheit 9/11…

I’d not seen it before, mostly because I haven’t had anyone to go with and I hate watching movies by myself. It was really good, although I fear the problem is that MM is certainly preaching to the choir, because no one who doesn’t already know what’s going on and agree with him is likely to see the movie. I thought about trying to set up a ‘idea exchange’ with some of my republican friends.. I’ll read your Limbaugh or Buchanen if you read my Moore or Bradley..)

I don’t understand how these people can be so convinced they are right in the face of such overwhelming evidence. Of course, all may become clear in time.

Tonight it looks like I might be hanging out with Cal.. waiting for DM to take a shower right now..

to all of you, wherever you might happen to be. Hope your weekends have been as good as mine.

6 Responses to “Concerts, Movies, Life..”

  1. anghouedd Says:

    Hey — in SoCal, huh? Are you going to be in town much longer? (she asked hopefully)

  2. dspisak Says:

    Apparently I’m the only person in SoCal who didn’t go to Inland Invasion. Oh well.

    Regarding F9/11. I like some of MM work but I have to admit I think MM went overboard in this film. He distorted some facts to make his case appear better than it was. Frankly I like neither Kerry or Bush. I’m a Constitutional Libertarian and frankly everyone should have mandatory military service like in Switzerland.

    But, I’m odd.

  3. heidianna Says:

    Flock of seagulls??? *drool*
    Stone roses? (that REALLY sucks that he was THAT out of tune 🙁 )
    Tears for Fears????? *double drool*
    Devo????? *triple drool*
    Siouxsie???? *drooling fool*

    That is just too awesome. I am so glad that you’re having fun with don_diego, and seeing all kinds of cool bands, and movies, and having interesting discussions… Woot!

  4. sati Says:

    I agree with all except for Flock of Seagulls. Do they have any other purpose than I Ran?

  5. sati Says:

    Oh, and thank you for correcting the Siouxsie spelling. I was going to do so, but I would have been more obvious, like this. 🙂

  6. sati Says:

    I have almost always associated Billy Idol with you.

    Conservatives did go to see Fahrenheit. Just as non-Christians went to see Passion of the Christ. (Kinda like me checking out an Ann Coulter book, though I never bothered to read it.) That doesn’t means it’ll convert them; more than likely it does the opposite.

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