For those of you playing Where’s Sheer, the home game..

I’m now in LA.

Any of you who also are in LA and who would like to hang out, call me on my cell. The number, for those of you not in the know, is 949 357 5701

I’m very tired. I woke up in the middle of the day, and then couldn’t get back to sleep because of the phantom woodpeckers.. (they’re doing construction a couple of houses over. I really wish they’d stop..)

It was cold and rainy when I left Seattle. It seems to be warm and clear here. Probably would be sunny if the sun was out.

I’m sooo tired..

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  1. anonymous Says:

    How is don_diego? What songs were played at the Tears for Fears concert? Did the experience send your respective minds wandering through uncharted territories? What was the experience like for both of you? What did the air taste like? Did you both dance and enjoy? Did you know you were having a good time, despite the exhaustion from lack of sleep?

    It continues to rain in Seattle, an overcast grey, chilled air. Be aware of the splendid sunshine! Listening to Hazy Shade of Winter. It’d help if I could transpose /play music so that I could *try* different keys more effectively :oD (HUGS to the both of you)

  2. lucienne Says:

    Let me know if you’d like to hang out.

  3. zarkle Says:

    how long will you be here?

  4. don_diego Says:

    I’m doing well, er, thanks for asking. Tears for Fears played some songs off their new album coming out this week, as well as Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Shout, Mad World (in the style of Gary Jules), Head over Heels, and Sowing the Seeds of Love – not nearly as much Big Chair material as I’d hoped for. It was a wonderful experience, but not an uncharted one, at least for me – I saw T4F (minus Curt) on the Elemental tour in ’93. The air wasn’t terrible for the Inland Empire in September; it was about 85F on arrival, cooling to 65F on departure. And we danced, enjoyed, and had a most excellent time.

    *HUGS* to you too. Hopefully I’ll see you again, in the fullness of time.


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