I’m back in Seattle. I appear to have made it intact. Sunday night I went to Deep with Brenda [It’s always striking me as funny.. Deep plays very christian-oriented house, but somehow I can easily ignore this fact and just ride the vibe – but when I go into a christian church, I can’t help but feel anger about every fifth word. And I don’t want to, particularly.. I don’t want to hate christianity, or christians.. I’m delighted if it helps you get closer to PLUR – it’s just not my cup of chai. I think I have Issues.]

Anyway, sunday night was fun.. spent way too long talkin’ politics and conspiricies with Brenda and James afterwords, but hey, what’s a mini-vaca for?

Monday, woke up around 3 (!) and cruised back down to Brendas for some hackifying on her web site – finally got the streams and playlist management up! Yay, only a year and a half after we start, we actually finish! 😉 Anyway, she seemed happy.

Hung with James and went to King Taco, which was mucho tasty.. (anyone know any good Mexican places in Seattle? because so far, I’ve come up pretty short.. )

Went to catch my flight home, and when I was checking in, tried pushing the ‘Upgrade to 1st class’ button. And, darned if it didn’t print me out a first class ticket, free… I could learn to like this whole frequent flyer thing. Which means I had enough room to actually mousify, so I wrote a track in Reason. If there’s any interest, I might post it.. it’s most definately housy trance, or trance-y house or something.

Spent four hours fighting with the parking meters. They won.

Need to clean my living room something feirce. I’m having trouble finding places to put boxes, even.

Tomorrow I might be hangin’ out with Patti! Maybe we’ll get to record either some spoken word stuff or Hazy Shade of Winter. Links will of course be forthcoming if anything cool does get committed to tape.

I’ve also met another person who I might be able to lure into recording – we’ll see. So far no answer to emails suggesting same, but we’ll see. I guess I should also email squirrel-girl and see if she’s up for some recording..

Practice makes perfect in all things, including munging audio. Or so I keep telling myself.

In other thoughts…

Recently, posted a journal entry which sounded awfully familiar, and it got me to thinking about hawks and doves, PLUR and WHDD, and other similar opposites.

Why do some people enjoy seeing other people made unhappy? I flash back to my high school years, and the number of people who took pleasure in making me miserable.. discussions with and his significant-other-kinda tell me I was not alone in this at all.

If anyone might know the answer that I know / am friends with, it might be Alex. He’s got some tendancies to enjoy seeing other people made unhappy. Must remember to ask him the next time we talk..

I’m afraid though that it will be one of those conversations that is like ‘Why?’ ‘Because..’ ‘Why?’ ‘It just is..’

I have many more thoughts on this matter, but I just interrupted this post with a WSHR broadcast and now I’m rather tired (since it’s 6 am ;-)) and am going to go to bed.

2 Responses to “Polarities..”

  1. zarkle Says:

    Why do some people enjoy seeing other people made unhappy?

    Well… that’s one of those things that just is. You are right. Why is it that you enjoy seeing other people happy? … what makes that so joyful? It’s just who you are … so to others, it is joyful to see other people miserable. It’s like asking why you like this type of music or that certain activity or drug or food or anything.. it’s just who you are .. there’s no reason why one person loves tomatoes and the other only likes them in salsa … it’s just who you are and how life is. 🙂 … I dunno. That is my opinion.

    But another thought is .. people who enjoy seeing others miserable like the fact that they are either better than that miserable person, or they are not alone in leading a miserable existence.

    My two cents 🙂

  2. anonymous Says:

    I believe it really goes back to how they grew up. It really is a self confidence issue. Because some people if they are bullied enuff tend to become the bullies themselves because no one wants to be alone. And if they are miserable it makes them feel better to make someone else unhappy because then they aren’t alone anymore. Which then makes them feel happier because they feel like they’ve then accomplished something. Thus the vicious cycle begins.
    It takes alot of effort and a complete reversal of thinking to get out of that trap and most people don’t want to work that hard. The sad thing is, if they did allow themselves to be comfortable in their own skins no matter what others think, they’d feel so much lighter and truly begin to enjoy the little things in this life. But to sum things up, it all comes back down to wanting to feel accepted.

    ~*LUNA*~ 🙂

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