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Okay, so, yes, that’s news. I love how we’re downplaying the possibility that it was nuclear.. what else causes a 2.5 mile mushroom cloud, exactly? That’s a little big, don’t you think? Okay, so, now we know where the weapons of mass destruction are. In the hands of a genuine, certifiable nutcase.. [do you get the feeling I’m not totally impressed with the leadership of North Korea?]

I wonder where the next one will detonate.. and what Our Fearless Leaders will have to say about it.

I also wonder why I’m not hearing more about this event…

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  1. don_diego Says:
  2. anonymous Says:

    welcome to nuclear fallout heaven!!!


  3. don_diego Says:

    A fuel-air explosion would do it. I believe that has been used to simulate nuclear detonations in movies. The description given (“a train carrying oil and chemicals apparently hit power lines”) is consistent with that mechanism of explosion… and remember that the US is not the only country with reconnaissance satellites, and the Russians are geographically at much greater risk from a loose cannon North Korea than we are. Nuclear explosions are also easily distinguishable from high-magnitude conventional explosions as viewed from space.

    That being said, I can think of few higher hypocrisies than invading Iraq, which has denied having WMD since 1991, on the pretext of suspected WMD possession, while utterly ignoring North Korea, which openly brags about their newly-developed WMD.


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