Of all the moronic things..

So, this morning I walked outside to find that a used ion laser I’d purchased was sitting on my doorstep.. packed in a regular cardboard box with

A: No cover on the laser tube assembly
B: a 20 lb power supply directly under the laser assembly, and flopping around loose
C: a couple of foam peanuts.

Now, a peice of background information – a argon laser is a plasma tube, and in order to protect the inside of this tube, it’s coated with berellium oxide. This substance, when it meets with water, turns into a extreme nasty so extremely nasty that the suggested action if you break one of these tubes is to cover it with a dessicant, and call the hazmat people. Yes, really.

[It strikes me that if I were a terrorist, I might just break open a few of these tubes, scrape the powder off, and mail it. Be a lot more effective than anthrax, for sure. Easier to get, too..]

Anyway, so I left him some stunningly negative feedback [I was a little upset by this somewhat reckless endangerment of my life, for some reason], and discovered ebay’s latest addition to the auction community: private feedback. Now you can opt out of the public feedback system, at which point users can no longer read your feedback. But they can still tell he got a negative one. Wonder if he’ll give me negative feedback as revenge?


2 Responses to “Of all the moronic things..”

  1. sati Says:

    If a person opts out of public feedback, is that because they generally get such horrible feedback they don’t want anyone reading it? I suppose it could also be that people have given them unfair feedback, but I think I’d be suspicious of someone who is not willing for their buyers to read what others have said about their service.

  2. goamaki Says:

    thank you for saving my life! 😀

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