I do not live in the united states of america. I live on planet earth.
I am not black, white, mexican, korean, or japanese. I am human.
My earlier post about 9/11 was largely caused by [aside from personal depression, which is another issue entirely] my being upset that 9/11 has turned into this media circus, while we completely ignore the anneversery of the day we levelled chunks of baghdad, based on a lie.

I’m sorry, that upsets me. It always will. Ours are not better than theirs. We are not more valuable, we are not more important, we are not god’s chosen fucking people, okay? EVERY human is equally important. When you hold a media circus for every other tragedy that caused great loss of life that has happened in the last four years, then I won’t complain so much about 9/11. But until that day comes..

.. I still won’t be watching any television. And I’ll begging the rest of you to turn yours off.

I do regret the events of 9/11. While I respect the brilliance that went into the attack, I do not and can not condone attacks against innocent people, _ever_. Those attacks were just as wrong as our attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. I understand what motivated them – or at least, I think I do, although Osama, if you’re listening, next time we need a note.

I also understand what motivated ours – or at least, again, I think I do. I suspect the full motivations may never really be understood – it’s just too big and complex.

So yes, I’m sorry for all the innocent people who died in 9/11. But I’m not any more sorry for them [or any less, for that matter] than the innocent people who died in any of our wars.

Come on, humanity, get your shit togeather. Please.

[coming from one human who can’t even remotely claim to have his shit togeather, yes, I agree that’s rather funny. I’m a bit like Harry Chapin in the 60s.. (difficult reference to explain, but I’ll know what I mean when I look back over this which is probably allt hat really matters)]


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  1. dhark_willow Says:

    very well said in my opinion 🙂
    i live in australia and we also have had many casualties due to this “war on terror” however i have been disgusted when news reports have focused on the australians and not all the victims throughout the world..war is far too glorified which is why politicians get away with the warmongering that they do…it’s time we woke up and looked at the whole picture…a world as a whole being decimated

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