Once, a while ago, I made a comment on a mailing list about PLUR (which I think of as being the credo of the electronic dance community, although I know there are many who would tell me I’m wrong). I observed that the opposite of PLUR must be WHDD – War, Hate, Diversity, Destruction.

Just one problem – I *like* diversity. But yet unity sounds appealing as well. Which just goes to show the folly of having any credo at all, I suppose. I can’t even come up with unity within myself half the time – I’ve noticed that when I talk to myself, I tend to be more than one person.

Recently, I hit upon a interesting thought. What if I’m a cell inside my own body? Normally we think of the brain as being a whole bunch of cells built into a neural network, and I’m personally very foggy about what happens afterwords to give us free will, but it must be really interesting. If you’re ever bored, try to make a computer generate *truly* random numbers. It’ll keep you busy for a while. The cryptographers can probably write several very long books on the subject.

But really – how can I prove my experience on Earth isn’t, in fact, a experience of being within my own body, and all the other people I interact with – who produce such tasty food – aren’t in fact cells in my body.. and of course, I’m not better or more important than any of these other cells. I mean, we all are part of one unity..

At the very least, I am a team – all of my cells form one entity, which is me. Some of them might in fact be parts of other entities at the same time – as I’ve often demonstrated, I really have no idea what’s actually going on – but, they definately do form this person who walks around on Earth and does things – some of which appear to me to be improbable to come up with just by playing with a random number generator.

More in a friends-only post.

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