Another moment in my life in retrospect.

On May 2 of 2004, I joined/created/was part of the creation of a band called Mischief Committee. We’re working on a few last tracks before we all go our seperate ways, and we’ve had many people jam with us and (somewhat memorably) had a member leave for San Francisco already. But, at one point, we wrote a CD and had a CD release party with all of our friends and some of their friends and as far as I know some of the homeless population of Seattle there..

And somehow I never got around to ripping the CD and putting it up on the internet.

So now I have. Enjoy this particular bit of the number line, if you’re inclined, it’s at

Yes, it’s there in it’s entirety. I can’t claim to own this bit of the number line exactly, but then, I never really own anything. Everything I have I’m just using while I’m alive and hopefully when I’m dead someone else will come along and use it. I think of it as on loan from the Family. Those of you who know about the Family of dancing friends, or the Rainbow family, or any bloody Family you want to attribute it to, please make sure it all gets put to good use, when and if. I’m hoping I’m not going to die anytime soon – or that if I do, I go somewhere really interesting with lots of sex and friendly people and as little violence as possible. But I digress..

Anyway, so, I don’t own these tracks, but I am renting them on planet Earth for the time being. Well, me and Alex and Tory. It had a lot of fun moments, guys, and I’m sure glad we did it.

(p.s. Someday I’m going to set up all those lights and lasers and speakers and whatnot and have a free 80’s-themed party. It should be interesting seeing who we can get to show up.)

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  1. don_diego Says:

    80’s party? I’m there, dude. Take me down to the emerald city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty…


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