We hold these truths to be self-evident

If there’s a uniform, we don’t wear it.
If there’s a law we don’t agree with, we break it.
If there’s a person hurting we can help, we help them.
If there’s something entertaining to do, we do it.
If there’s a limit, something that is completely impossible, we do it.
I will never believe that a loving God would torture any Soul willingly. (Unless the Soul wanted it.)

I may never find a religion to call my own. That’s okay, because I *AM* a religion.
I may never find a nation that can contain me, or a government that I can always agree with.
I swear I have no nation, but I am proud to own my heart.[1]

And, to quote from one of my previous entries, because I think it requires emphasis:

I want to think that all entities, no matter how complex or simple, no matter how rich or poor in energy, matter, or information, are in some sense equal and all are worthy of love and respect and, whenever possible, help in finding what they seek

These concepts are so old that they are immortal, and resonate within the very core of the universe:

It is better to build up than to tear down
Better to bring peace than war
Better to love than to hate
Better to include than to exclude
Better to create than to destroy

May God bless the humans as *e blesses all living entities. Oh, and I have this laundry list of things, features that would be really nice to add or remove. But then, doesn’t everyone. 😉 I am pretty impressed with the stock model of the universe, though. Pretty amazing work, really. *Shrug* Not that said diety needs my opinion. But, you know, everyone has to go on record at least once. Probably at various other points in my life I will think really dark things in the direction of the Power That Be – like, say, when my organs are failing and I’m in incredible pain. For that matter I don’t really like the whole Death thing that much – Kind of a Log In/Log Out/Multiple Universe/Really Good Interface For Travel system would be more to my liking.

I will always believe in my soul that I am a hacker, and that this is a Good Thing. Even though there’s probably a billion people who can write code better than me (if you look, for example, over the life span of the universe). (Actually, that’s probably a very low estimate. Let’s say there’s a infinate set who can write code better than me, and a infinate set who can write music better than me.)

[1] – Marillion, White Feather

*shrug*. I sleep now. Sorry about all the lofty idealism, everybody.

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