Life as we don’t know it..

Me and K. were having a discussion the other day about life – as in, what ‘life’ is – I was commenting that there might very well be intelligent life on other planets, and that it was possible that not all life lived at the same clock speed i.e. a breath for a being made out of, say, uranium might take several thousand years.

Actually, I was theorizing tempurature had a lot to do with the speed of a life cycle.

Anyway, I checked the wikipedia, source of most knowledge, and it said this. So I’ve concluded that none of this rules out, for example, silicon based life that takes several hundred years to move.

Which goes to prove nothing. I’d like to think it demonstrates my out of the box thinking, but the truth of the matter is I suspect everyone thinks about things like this and I’m the only one who’s enough of a wanker to write journal entries about them.

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  1. goamaki Says:

    I think like most theories and philosophical conversations, it’s fun to delve into them, but in the end you come full circle, and there’s no conclusion, haha! Thinking is good, though. And so is writing. Nobody thinks you’re a wanker for writing in your journal. Those are your words.

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