Woo whoo!

Okay, so, last sunday, Vanessa and Matt [names not changed to protect the innocent] *failed* to blow by me at Mach 3. Finally, I have the speed.. now I just need the endurance.

Actually, I learned a somewhat painful lesson.. I always thought that my weaving and skating extremely quickly was what would get me or one of the half-height skaters hurt.. but in fact, I ended up falling on one because I was skating slowly, conversing with someone, and not paying enough attention to the people in front of me.. I still haven’t quite figured out how she managed to do what she did, but it was a little like being tackled from the side, and then I was on top of her, supporting myself on my wrists and knees. She didn’t seem hurt.. I think I would have felt guilty for weeks if she actually had been. I outmassed her by 100 lbs easily.. I’m just glad I didn’t land *on* her, or end up with one of the hands I put down landing on her, they would have been carrying her off the floor..

Skate at your own risk. Mental note to self: do not *ever* stop paying attention when there are 6 year olds on the floor.

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