So, as Google continues to take over my world.. [actually, as some of you know, I sometimes think we’re running inside a virtual universe. If so, it may turn out that the joke is on us and we’re all running on Google’s hardware ;-)] I’ve gotten a Samsung Moment with Android. So far, it’s far more cool than buggy.. I’ve had one application crash, and it’s got one really annoying feature.. like so many of sprint’s phones, you can’t remove the really annoying applications that they ship with (like NFL live) and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up buying premium Sprint content because you looked at the phone funny.

I’d say the biggest plus with the phone so far is the web integration, which is flawless. I can key in events on Google Calander, add contacts to Gmail, receive voicemail with Google Voice.. and they all instantly show up on the phone. The multitasking seems to work, the battery life seems good, I can log into every IM network known to man, SSH, post youtube videos directly from my phone.. in general, so far, I like it.

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