Why I don’t think ‘polyamorous’ is the right word.

Taking the literal meaning of ‘polyamoury’, it means loving many people. But all of us – at least, I would hope all of us – love many, many people, whether or not we express it with physical contact. I can’t imagine how dark and disturbing a life would be that only involved loving one other person – anyway, I feel enormously richer loving the many that I do.

As a side note, here’s a list of people that I love that are currently in my mind – if you are reading this, and you feel like you should be on this list – you probably are *right*, so call me and remind me!

Tavian (aka Ducky)

Jessica (aka Luna)

Amy (aka Bunny)


Vicky (fka Coughdrop, aka TGAW)

Carolyn (fka Magic Mist)


Meira (fka Mindy)

Natalie (fka Nathaniel)

Vinnie (aka Drachen)

Gayle (fka Banshee, Kalika)

Lara (my silly rabbit)

Shepherd (aka Waater, Grei)



James (aka Centauri, Deadman)



other Becky (Stargazer)

Lisa (with the car ;-))

Lisa (ex-sister?)




Phoebe (obviously ;-))



David D. (who I haven’t heard from in so long that I don’t have any guess how I would find him)




Nicka (aka OMCN)

Chris K. (a.k.a. JL a.k.a Curious)







Lisa (of Jane descent)

Andy (who runs marathons)

Cindy (who leads choirs)

Vicky (of FBRS)

Raymond (also of FBRS)

Jorge (my little bro!)

Jennifer (my literal sister)

Kayti (tho it hurts a bit)

I’m sure it’s not a complete list, but you see the point. We’re all polyamorous – I’m *certain* that everyone on that list loves many people (though far from certain that everyone on that list loves me).

I actually at this point suspect there’s a solution to the polysexual problem that the hippies overlooked – which is to meet those you would have as lovers in dreams. This keeps a virtualization layer between them, thusly solving nicely all the jealousy problems. Once I thought that it would just be me fooling myself if I did this – now I am suspecting that we are connected in more ways than the obvious here and now and that it would literally be the other people.

Now to master lucid dreaming.. 😉

I’m creating a dream journal – which will be locked, so you all don’t get to have the fun of watching my initial, probably failed or awkward attempts at it. I’ve bought a multichannel alarm clock and determined when my REM cycles are (I asked my higher power. He nailed it in one try. Go figure.) to interrupt them. I think I know what I’m doing – and if I don’t I’m still a lot less likely to hurt myself with this than with some of the funny chemicals I’ve tried over my life.

I’m not – at all – just doing this for the sex, either. Among other things, I’ve always wanted to be able to fly – without any machine. For that matter, the idea of jamming with Jimmy Buffet, chatting with Spider Robinson, dancing with Madonna, and finally being able to say *anything* to *anyone* without fear of being ground into a little pulp.. let’s just say it has remarkable appeal.

Wish me luck. 😉

9 Responses to “Why I don’t think ‘polyamorous’ is the right word.”

  1. sheer_panic Says:

    I keep realizing people I missed.. like, how could I forget Jeff Lane, or Kamran! Making a complete list is maybe impossible?

  2. sheer_panic Says:

    Oh.. right .. Brian Leeper, too!

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    and Kate.. and Heather.. and Tory and Alex and Meg and Jamie..

  4. sheer_panic Says:

    Maybe I should just decide I love everybody in the world and get it over with? 😉

  5. sheer_panic Says:

    Can’t forget our four footed friends like Heidi and Allie and Gigi and Daisy and Katie and Holly and Token and Brady

  6. sheer_panic Says:

    and Chris Mish, and Dan…

  7. sheer_panic Says:

    and net only friends Bewitch 😛 and Mara – and Chris F, and Tarkon (even though many fucked up things have seemed to happen around us), and .. so many of them I have images in my mind, but the names are long gone.. too many years between now and then.

    I know. let go of the past, live in the now.

  8. Jennigma Says:

    Not on your list, but thinking of you. We should catch up at some point. I’m iving in Seattle now, amoung other things.

  9. sheer_panic Says:

    You are so right, you definately belong there!


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