Further proof that I am, in fact, an asshole.

Okay, so I get these assorted conservative email letters – one of the latest ones is about the ACLU fighting a case over prayer in school.

Only, it’s obviously NOT a case over prayer in school – prayer is a internal, mental process, and you should be free to chat with your internal subsystems, or your God, or anyone else you like, inside your head, any time you like. This isn’t something anyone can take away – you can’t stop people from thinking.

What it’s actually, I’m guessing, a case over is that some nutjob wants a ‘official moment of prayer’ I.E. “pray now” which strikes me as kind of coercive and vile. People don’t need to be told when to think what – and telling them they should think of, or think about, a particular thing at a particular time is a ttempt to control them. Of course, I guess that’s what manditory education is all about anyway – which is why I support voluntary education instead of manditory.


I should know better than to write about my political views. They’ll only have changed by the time I next read this anyway.

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