What I’m up to etc..

Okay, so, I’m hopping. I’ve been writing Java applets for cell phones for one of my day jobs, and I am right now trying to get J2ME-Polish and Apache Ant to work togeather properly on my system. I’m somewhat slowed by the fact that JAVA_HOME is set *somewhere* but I can’t seem to figure out where, and it’s set *wrong*.

In the meantime, I’ve made much progress on the mk3eb project. There is the beginnings of the perl packet code at perl-api-dev, including CRC signing, hamming encode and decode, etc.

Right now I’m pondering whether maybe the reg code shouldn’t *have* a outgoing packet buffer, instead generating each byte as the transmit code is ready for it. This would look like a godawful lot of case statements, but it would probably be more optimial from a ram usage perspective, and it would offer the option of longer output packets.

OTOH, the code is much easier to write if I do use a outgoing packet buffer, and that may be what steers me.

The other thing I’m pondering is whether I should have one of the len/type entries be a true variable length packet, or whether I should require even nodes that haven’t a clue what hamming encoding is to understand how hamming encoding affects the packet length. Doing the latter would make the code much cleaner everywhere, and could be done by a simple lookup table. So I’m inclined to do it. But not right now, because right now I need to wrestle with j2me-polish and see if I can get it to compile my application, and then make the modifications required.

Progress is being made on the retiring of Gateway. Last night I copied /usr/local to the new server – I’ve already copied /home/workspace and /home/mpeg. For those of you with files on Gateway, they will be being copied as part of the final mail migration. If you used MMDF folders, your old mail folders will be gzipped and archived in a subdirectory of your home folder, as well as being converted to the maildir format and hot and live on the imap server.

Enyc still doesn’t seem to be able to make ssl certs that match the machine.. I’m going to look into this, but in the meantime, this patch makes the nasty errors go away:

How to Install in Thunderbird:

1. Right-Click the link above and choose “Save Link As…” to Download and save the file to your hard disk.
2. In Mozilla Thunderbird, open the extension manager (Tools Menu/Extensions)
3. Click the Install button, and locate/select the file you downloaded and click “OK”

Hope you’re all doing well, and that the above bit of geekese didn’t make your eyes cross.

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  1. dspisak Says:

    We still need to do lunch/dinner/whatever one of these days now that you are back in town.

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