My PA system sits and gathers dust in the garage. I have no contacts here for putting it to use, and I lack the energy right now to figure out where to find some.

Some part of me wants to rent a generator and drive out into the desert until there’s no one around, set up and listen to 80s songs loud enough to feel every note. I go to clubs and I think, ‘my system sounds better than this..’. Why does it languish in my garage doing nothing? I even went through and tested everything and replaced all the burned out bits before I left Seattle. But yet.

I am beginning to make progress again on my EV project. You can watch my growth and confusion if you want at

I still need to finish mixing Mike’s session at Wayne’s World. I made some improvements to the mix the other day – among other things, I grouped the vocals, the drums, and the instruments onto three main faders so I can get them balanced against themselves, and then balance them against each other.

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  1. kayti23 Says:

    Lets. 🙂 And let’s bring friends. It’ll be fun.

  2. ClintJCL Says:

    Gah, maybe you know something about what speakers I should buy, then. I’m looking at amps too — setting up “room 2.0” basically, with all new stuff. thousands of dollars worth.

    I’m looking at this receiver:

    but i want to get super-nice speakers too.

    p.s. i subscribe to your comment feed so feel free to answer back any of my comments at your blog, i’ll see the response.

  3. sheer_panic Says:

    Hm. I probably don’t know that much about the passive stuff – I’ve grown so attached to active that almost all of my rooms that have audio in them have active systems as well. (In active systems, there is one.. or more likely three or four.. amplifiers built into the speakers themselves, and you just run a signal cable to them)

    I haven’t really been keeping up with what’s best sounding in the passive world, although I will say that ribbon tweeters are the way to go, and a good crossover is essentual. Also, thau shalt not have subwoofers smaller than 15″, nor drive them with amplifiers less than 400W RMS. 😉

  4. ClintJCL Says:

    hahaha, my sub comes in right around that. Now i have 2 hangout rooms, upstairs AND downstairs, connected by spiral stairs, so sound from both floors would mix with each other if both floors were doing different things (not super likely, but at some point we may have to have a movie upstairs drown out the video games downstairs).

    Active sounds very expensive and with lots of places to fail. I’d never buy an external crossover. I’m very frugal, but totally willing to spend $1000 on an amp and $2000 on 7.1 speakers.

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