Was bound to happen sooner or later..

I’ve finally given up on sheer@sheer.us – although I will still be receiving mail there (at least for a while), I won’t be reading it very regularly. Instead, I’ve set up a couple of different email addresses for work and personal corrispondence. A autoresponder at sheer.us will give out those addresses. (If I start publishing them on the web, it will sort of ruin the point of changing addresses, which is simply: I’m being overrun by spam)

In addition, there are special whitelists for friends and work. I don’t think that I missed any of my friends in compiling these whitelists, however if you would like to make sure you’re included in the whitelists (which just mean that emails to sheer@sheer.us will be shuttled over to the appropriate box automagically so you don’t have to update your address book), just send a comment here. Or send me a mail at sheer@sheer.us – if you do not get a autoresponder, you’re already on the whitelist.

I’m guessing probably none of you care. 😉

4 Responses to “Was bound to happen sooner or later..”

  1. cori_chronicles Says:

    Why would we not care?

  2. eaglesoars Says:

    Do you mean we wouldn’t care about having your actual email address…or we wouldn’t care about all the details regarding the whitelist, etc. I certainly hope that you don’t think friends would not care about having your email address.

  3. goamaki Says:

    did you get my emails then?

  4. rarkrarkrark Says:

    I care. I just sent email, so when you reply give me the appropriate email address. or if you don’t get said email, tell me here.


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