How we save information..

I just reread a book that I haven’t read since middle school. Interestingly, I didn’t remember any of the literal writing, but I remembered all of the story. This really makes me wonder how we store information internally, since obviously it’s not that connected to language.

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    Try the readings on for size. They may make your head hurt, though.

  2. brianamj Says:

    I believe it may be related to images or ideas. I’ve noticed it quite a few times myself.

  3. eaglesoars Says:

    I would not say that language is not a part of the storage of information in that we have to have language to gain information from written format. However, a good reader makes a movie as he/she reads (and thus is often disappointed when a movie of the book comes out but does not match the image the reader had). A good book evokes emotions which help in the storage/recalling of a story. Scents and sounds may be part of the image in the readers head.

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