[warning: angsty journal entry]

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted in this thing.. H. came last week, and he tends to demand 110% of my attention. His favorite trick is getting me thoroughly trashed and then pressing me for dates and time commitments.

At least he seems to have given up on wanting me to do 16 hours of work while he’s here, which is encouraging.

This morning I couldn’t really get myself interested in getting out of bed.. but I had to get something to the mail place before noon. I did manage (by like 2 minutes, the fedex guy came in as I was signing..) but it’s sort of alarming. i can’t get seriously interested in anything.. I just feel like going back to sleep and waking up when it’s summer again.

I did have fun last night playing with lasers and intelligent lights. With six heads, I’m getting pretty close to a nifty light show. Sadly, one of the heads sucks – I think I will auction it back off on E-bay (where I bought it). Whoever programmed the DJ-Scan 250 should turn in their programmer’s badge. And American DJ should have the firmware rewritten. It’s really horrid. You tell it to scan from one position to the other, and it thinks about it for a second, and then scans in two or three short hops – the visual effect is, hmm, irksome.

On the other hand, the KLS I-Scan 362s came in, and they _rock_. Software dimmable, which means they don’t always have to be in-your-face, a super-wide optical path that means a whole lot of light makes it to the apeture, easily focused, fast and slow strobing, really quiet operation.. I bid on two more of them. 😉

There is no excuse for any DMX fixture not to do software dimming in this day and age..

I’m thinking of writing a DMX control plugin for WinAmp [if no one has already, which would sort of suprise me] – at the very least, researching if anyone has already done so. Just imagine the coolness factor!

Okay, so maybe I can get interested in something.

Saturday I went to a rave.. okay, party, I’ve been informed that the proper word is no longer rave for reasons that have to do with vocabulary shift – kind of like hacker is no longer a good thing – anyway.. it was great. The decorations were wonderful, the sound was excellent – first class, balanced out almost exactly the way I would have done it, not pushing the amps harder than they were ready to give (well, integrated speakers, so hard to do ;-)), cool laser effects, friendly people.. I had a breif moment of panic when I discovered I knew no one there [all my friends left at 2ish] but was reassured by a really nice guy.. left at about 6a, because I was afraid if I left any later I’d fall asleep on the way home.

Some visual artifacts that I will always wonder about.. decorations, hallucinations, or somewhere in between? Anyway, it was a awesome party and I’ll be looking forward to the next one.

Gah, my angst just isn’t angsting any more. I guess that’s good. But I really did intend to write one of those I hate the world I’m going to go jump off a bridge everything is hopeless kind of entries…

So, today it’s not parking meters, but Access/VBA code. Good clean fun. Then tomorrow, back to parking meters. 😉

GOt to go see if I can find Access 97 SP 2.

and send Psyphyte her serial number, which I keep flaking on doing..

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  1. brassratgirl Says:

    eh, you should let me have the winamp dmx question as well.

    And it’s the rain and the cold, methinks.

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