Lights & Lasers & Samplers, Oh My!

I’ve been having lots of fun with my intelligent lights. I’m going to put ’em on stands in the basement tomorrow, and then I can simultaneously play music and do pretty and colorful things. Should be interesting to see Ron’s reaction the first time I stab him with 1500W of white light.. 😉

Anyway, so I’ve also been doing lots of parking-meter-related stuff, moving ever forwards. And I’ve even found time to do some EV stuff. In general, I feel like my life is progressing forward nicely aside from the fact that it’s freezing in Seattle. For three days in a row, when I turned in (@ 4 am naturally) it’s been _snowing_. P. actually is spending the night because she can’t face the cold.. [well, there might be other reasons too.. one could hope anyway..]

Global warming indeed.

Must be getting warmer somewhere, but it’s not here.

My sister managed to blind herself getting lased.. (well, only in one eye and they think they can fix it.. but this makes two people I’ve heard of in the last month who had significant vision degradation as a result of getting their eyes laser corrected – kind of makes you stop and think. And then think some more. ;-)]

And I need to go to doctor [I keep developing new, and strangely discolored spots on my skin.. I’ve had a bunch of spots, moles really, as long as I can remember, but now there are way more of them.. maybe I’ve got skin cancer or something? I hope not] and to the dentist [for one of those cleaning-check-up thingies] and to a psychologist [who, me, crazy? ;-)] and then if I have any money left, I think I’ll buy a new pair of shoes..

Hmm. This is a very mundane journal entry. Oh well. Things are very mundane right now…


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  1. goamaki Says:

    i hope the spots aren’t anything serious…have you ever been sunburned really badly in life?

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