Truly, it’s pathetic

From a msnbc story:

Fleischer would not rule out a U.S. attack before Bush’s 48-hour clock ran out since the Iraqi leader had said he wouldn’t leave. “Saddam Hussein has to figure out what this means,” he said

Let’s break the whole situation down into words a three year old could understand. Pretend instead of armies, we’re dealing with a couple of kids here:

I think you have a knife, and you might use it because you’ve used knives in the past. Therefore, I’m going to shoot you with this gun because otherwise you might cut me with your knife someday in the future. But I’ll give you 48 hours first to get out of my playground.

Oh, you say you won’t leave? Forget that 48 hours, then. Time to start pulling the trigger.


No, really, there are people who claim this is all about protecting our rights as americans. What rights exactly are they thinking about here? The right to unlimited cheap imported oil? Or perhaps the right to have no one except americans in control of any dangerous weapons? The right to have a military dictatorship over the world?

Exactly what rights, as americans, are being threatened here? Because I don’t see how Saddam without so much as a long range missile to his name, in the international spotlight, with inspectors all over his ass, is going to be able to do much to threaten my rights as a american. On the other hand, we seem to be threatening his rights as a Iraqi in new and novel ways.

Truly, the statement that we’re not even going to wait 48 hours tells me how immoral, corrupt, evil, and just in general dispicable the U.S. has become.

What do we want? Regime change. Where do we want it? HERE!


“Get the empty warheads out of the white house”


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  1. anonymous Says:

    “Cheap” imported oil sounds so good right now…..

    I’d kill 100,000 Iraqis for some. 🙂

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