T minus Zero

Well, here it is. The clock has run out, and Bush has aimed the U.S.S. State right at the iceburg.

I want so badly to just give up and move. Any country has to be better than this. I’ve never been more ashamed of my country. Where are all the assassins? They killed Kennedey, why can’t someone take out Bush?

Oh, right, because all the people who are against Bush beleive in peace. Which implies nonviolent solutions.

I’m sure some of the pathetic excuses for patriots are out there waving flags right now, convinced that it is the moral imperative of the U.S. to decide who gets the bombs – especially when we get lots of cheap oil out of the deal.

Really, what is WRONG with the entire power structure? Where are all the congress people? How much did they pay to buy them off?

I think it’s time for another constitutional convention. We need to figure out how to rewrite the thing so that this won’t happen again. Assuming the U.S. still exists four years from now, a point in which I’m in some doubt of.

The soldiers have been convinced that attacking unprovoked is a moral choice. Apparently they aren’t resigning – a testiment to the brainwashing techniques used by the military if there ever was one. ‘Let’s go blow the shit out of Saddam because we don’t like him.’ Welcome to preschool.

There can’t be any good ending to this story. But then, not one part of the story leading up to the ending was good either. Just remember, when you see that mushroom cloud, that you were warned.

If only we could somehow get those ten million protesters to all show up in DC at the same time. Maybe level the place? That might have the desired effect. Of course, Bush would just order the cops to shoot the protesters. Who cares. Kill the lot of them. Welcome to martial law.

Listen to http://www.sheer.us/stuff/bush.mp3 – that’s Bush’s dad announcing the war on Kuwait. I’ll try and dig up a mp3 of Bush announcing war on Iraq for a A/B comparison, but until then, ask yourself – could bush ever present so rational and well thought out a argument? I never liked Bush Sr.. but he’s a prince among men compared with his son.

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  2. brassratgirl Says:

    Look, commenter, I see your point, but that hardly makes it more right to go and invade a soverign nation, unprovoked, in the hopes of causing yet more death and destruction. Death is death, whether it comes at the hands of torture or a cruise missile.
    At any rate, the U.S. can hardly take the moral high ground regarding torture –


    Learn some history, anonymous poster, and then think about whether ‘liberation’ missions have ever successfully liberated anyone. We are unprovoked. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the U.S. invading will not change the mind set of anyone who believes in torture now; if anything it will encourage them.
    Yes, sheer is upset to the point of incoherance. Yes, I am upset. We are upset because we have good imaginations; because we can imagine what war is like, what the consequences of this will be 20, 50 years down the road. War isn’t just the battles; it’s destruction (of the cradle of western civilization, no less), it’s death, it’s the women and children left behind on both sides. I have friends in the army. Of course I’m trying to stop the war. Yes, of course basic human rights should be defended: so why are we about to kill people?

  3. anonymous Says:

    We are about to kill to ensure basic human rights in the future.
    War is an extension of the will of civilization.
    I would rather be struck down by a cruise missle than to be tossed into a chipper shredder. Do you not think that matters? It doesn’t matter how one dies? I think that is the most relevant thing of all.
    It is how one lives and how one dies that defines not only themself but the time and culture they live in.

    You won’t hear from me anymore. I posted that link but I knew it wouldn’t change minds that are made up. Just like the ones you post don’t change mine.

  4. brassratgirl Says:

    No, honey, no matter how you die, you still rot afterwards. Dead is dead.

    All I want, to change my mind, is some really good reason. With a semblance of logic behind it. But that doesn’t seem to be forthcoming (believe me, I’m still looking) and an opinion piece from a UK labour MP isn’t enough to justify a war.

  5. anonymous Says:

    What are you waiting for?

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